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Monday 11th May

Good Morning! So there we have it, fingers crossed we'll be back together before the end of the school year, or at least that's what I think Boris said haha. Before then we've got a few more weeks of home learning, so let's keep going - the work you've been producing has been amazing and it was lovely to speak to so many of you on the phone this week and hear how well you're all doing. We are really proud of all of the children smiley 

Just to remind everyone, we completely acknowledge that everyone's home situation is different and some days it's going to be difficult to balance home schooling with your own work etc. We're here to help, if you need some activities that will keep them occupied while you get on with your work (wishful thinking but God loves a trier), just drop me an email and I'll try my best to sort something out for you. Keep going, you're doing an amazing job - have a brilliant week! Mr F smiley 


NB: Please check the "Collective Worship" link under the "Children" tab on the school website to access the readings and PowerPoint from this weekend's mass smiley


Writing - The Most Disgusting Sandwich IN THE WORLD!

As I know we can all be reluctant writers at times (myself included, it's taken me approximately 17 hours and 6 snack breaks to write this), hopefully this activity will get the creative juices flowing! Your task today is to imagine the most disgusting sandwich in the world - you can either use sentences to describe the sandwich, or write instructions on how to create it. Now, your writing shouldn’t just say “there were two slices of bread with marmite in between” because, as everyone knows, marmite is delicious. I want you to be really creative and make sure your sandwich is full of the most disgusting things you can think of! Maybe the bread is mouldy green with wiggly worms poking out, maybe between the bread is a big smelly nappy, maybe the whole sandwich smells like Grandma's downstairs toilet (just me? Sorry Grandma)! Use your sentences to make me and Ms Mair as disgusted as possible, I know you'll do a fantastic job (actually Ms Mair is a vegetarian so just a ham sandwich would make her feel sick, so you can focus on me winkwink)! Make sure to write in full sentences and don’t forget full stops, capital letters and finger spaces!



Choose one of your favourite books and read it with your parents - they can read to you or you can read to them, you choose! Remember to ask and answer lots of questions to make sure you understand what you are reading!


Maths - Using Symbols (Multiplication)

Today we are going to recap our knowledge of adding by counting on - now some of you might already be experts at this, but it’s important to remind ourselves about what we’re doing before the next few lessons - you’ll see tomorrow! An important thing to focus on today: When you are adding on using 10 frames, please make sure that the first 10 frame is FULL before using the next one! For example, if you are doing 9 + 4, 1 counter should fill the first ten frame and the other 3 counters will be in the other 10 frame. This will be important tomorrow! I would like you to watch Week 3 Lesson 4 on White Rose Home Learning before completing the worksheet I have provided.

(Summer Term Week 3 > Lesson 4)



Today I would like you to read about one of Britain’s most famous Prime Ministers, Winston Churchill. You might have heard about him recently because of VE day, can you find out why he was so important? I would like you to watch the videos on the BBC Bitesize Page I have linked for you and complete the short activity.

Winston Churchill was very important in motivating people to keep going during a tough time for the country in WW2. Now we are in another difficult time, can you create a poster to motivate people to keep going during the lockdown? Channel your inner Winston! (Some examples are below to give you an idea smiley)




Every morning Joe Wicks is hosting a live PE lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am. Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!