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Monday 11th May 2020

Good morning everyone,

I trust you have all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and are all safe and well.


Thank you once again for all your wonderful emails and photographs that you have been sending in to us. It is so lovely to see the children keeping busy and having lots of fun at home.


We will be making more phone calls again this week so myself and Mrs. Allcock look forward to speaking to you soon.


Our Learning This week:

We will carry on with our daily phonics practise. We will also be enjoying some activities linked to a wonderful story called The Train Ride by June Crebbins. In the story the characters are on their way to visit someone very special at the seaside so some of our other activities will be linked to the seaside.

In maths we will be practising some skills we have looked at before and we will be looking at new skills too.

In R.E. we will have the opportunity to share a little home liturgy linked to this week's Gospel.


Keep safe, God Bless,


Mrs Lakin X

Fun with Phonics

Practise phonic sounds


Tricky Words

Have fun with

Username:  march20  

 Password:   home


Explore Teach Your Monster to Read...



Watch and listen to the story...


The Train Ride

By June Crebbin...



Create a story map with the children. Draw simple pictures to represent the different parts of the story.

Then ask your child to retell the story in their own words using the map as a guide.


Look through...


# Seaside Addition to 20 Power Point below


Then ...

Complete the 'Seaside I Spy Addition' Activity

Count the items. Record the number of items. Then complete the addition calculation and addition number sentence activity sheet.


# I Spy Sheet

I Spy Recording Sheet doc below

 Understanding the World

 Expressive Art & Design

The passengers on the train ride see a mare and her foal from the window.

Find out the names of these other baby animals:


Baby cow,

baby goose,

baby goat,

baby bear.

Can you find out any others?


Perhaps you could write down their names and draw a picture of the baby animals.



Joe Wicks  - live P.E. lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am.

Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!