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Monday 11th May

Good morning and welcome to another week of home learning! I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. Thank you for all of the emails, pictures and work handed in last week. I've been really impressed with the quality of work! I will be working at the hub school again today so there will be a short delay in replying to messages. Don't forget to send me a photograph from your weekend so I can add it to our 'VE Day Celebrations' video, thank you for those I have already received smiley



Read through the PowerPoint to discover your new spelling words. They all come from the root words ‘struct’ and ‘uni’. Remember a root word is a basic word with no prefixes or suffixes attached to it. I would like you to use this weeks spellings to create a word families foldable book, use the template below or create your own.

Page 1 – Write the root word

Page 2 – Write each of your spelling words

Page 3 – Write a sentence with each spelling word in (or draw a picture explaining it).

E.g. Struct - Structure - The Lego house was a magnificent structure.



We are beginning our new maths unit of 'Time'. Beginning today with learning about months and years. I have attached a song about the days in each month of the year and a calendar to help you. Have a look at these and then complete the attached worksheet. There is also a 'Years and Months' mini quiz on Purple Mash you can have a go at.



Joe Wicks Live PE lesson's are on every day from 9am.


PSHE/Art - As part of our health and wellbeing unit I would like you to think of some good and not so good feelings. Do these feelings range in intensity? Is it different if I say I am happy than if I say I am thrilled?

Choose some good feelings and think of a creative way to show them. As an example I have created some rock paintings below.