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Mon 22nd Feb 2021

Hello Everybody!

Welcome back to home schooling in reception!

I hope you have all had a lovely half term holiday.

Hopefully, the weather will start to improve a little and we will all be able to feel the warmth of that lovely spring sunshine soon.

Here is an overview of this half term's learning:

Spring is on the way and we'll soon be singing this song, so let's have a little practise today:



Here Comes the Sun lyrics video

PHONICS - Tricky Red Words


Support your child to draw a picture about an aspect of their half term holiday.

Now, underneath, help them to write a simple sentence.  Encourage the use of their phonic knowledge to say the words they need, hear the sounds in the word and try to write down those letters. If they find it difficult to get started, help them along, encouraging them to tell you some of the sounds they can hear. Write the sounds down for your child to copy.


For more confident children: talk about a capital letter at the beginning, remember finger spaces between each word and a full stop at the end.


For super confident children: can they write two or three sentences?


R.E. All about Lent

Our Curriculum Vehicle this half term is:  Changing and Growing


The season is about to change again so let’s remind ourselves about the different seasons with this story of a little girl trying to understand about what happens.



Now play this interactive game: Which Season Am I?