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Mon 18th Jan 2021

News Time!

What have you been doing over the weekend?

Have you been for a walk?

Have you helped do some baking?

Have you tidied your bedroom?

Have you played with your favourite toy?

Draw a picture and ask your grown-up to help you write a sentence about what you have done.

Can you think of the words you would like to write?

Can you try to write some of the words or letters all by yourself using your phonic skills?


Baptismal Candle Template


Remind the children of what we learnt about last week when we looked at Baptism.

Talk about becoming a part of God's family in the church and aspects of the Baptismal ceremony including the Baptismal candle that is presented to the family.


Let your child look at their Baptism candle, if they have one, or research some examples of Baptismal candles and show your child.


Use the candle template below and encourage your child to decorate their own version of a baptismal candle.


Listen to the song 'How's the Weather' and discuss lots of different types of weather, especially the different types of weather we have in the winter.

Show your child the weather chart. Ask them to decorate the pictures around the edge and show them where, each day, they can draw the weather they can see. There is space for morning, afternoon and evening weather.

Keep the record going all week then send in pictures to let me know how you are getting on.

Weather Record Sheet