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Mon 18.01.21

Good morning,

We will be starting our live lessons this morning.  The first session will begin at 9.15 am.  This will give you time to complete either the Speed Sounds Session online or the Fast Maths activity with your child before their first lesson.  The live teaching will be for the morning only (finishing just before 12pm) with a break mid-morning (around 10.25 - 10.50).  In the afternoon the children will complete their afternoon activities in their own time as they have done previously.  As they will be having live lessons it will not be necessary to email all of their work but please feel free to continue to share things they are particularly proud of or have worked particularly hard with.



Your child will need the questions below for this session.


Your child will need the sheet below for this session and paper for the daily 5 and power up activities.


Last week lots of you identified that the invention of the electric lightbulb has made a huge difference to our lives.  Today you are going to find out about its inventor, Thomas Edison.  Use the PowerPoint and information on the website to find out about Thomas Edison.  Then complete a biography of his life.


Join in with the Joe Wicks PE session.