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Mon 11th Jan 2021

Hello everyone,

I trust you have all had a lovely weekend and have managed to, safely, get out into the fresh air for a little while. This week we will continue with our winter theme in addition to Maths, English and RE.  I will try to email details of what your child needs to practise in their phonics as soon as I can. As you can imagine, this is not totally straight forward as all the children are at different levels and need to work on different aspects.


Here is something that might interest you...

The RSPB are asking for people to get involved in The Big Garden Bird Watch. This is a huge research campaign which tracks birds visiting our gardens and local neighbourhoods. The bird watch is due to take place on 29th - 31st January. If you are interested, go onto the RSPB webpage and sign up. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun and the children will love getting involved!



Phonics Practise

Share The Runaway Iceberg story with your child

Support your child to draw a picture about an aspect of the story and write a simple sentence to support the picture. Encourage the use of phonics to help with the writing. If your child does not manage to write all of the correct letters, don't worry. Just as long as they have a little try at writing any letters they can hear in the words they have spoken. 


R.E. - Enjoy this power point about Baptism

R.E.    -    Baptism

Discuss the word church. 

Look at a variety of images showing religious buildings from around the world.


Tell the children that a church is a special place where people can gather together to pray to God.

Show footage of a baby being baptised ( Google/You tube) – discuss.

(Show pictures/Christening robe/Holy water etc.)


Explain that when we are baptised we join the family of God and we are given our name, our first name, our Christian name. A name from Christ. 


Children to draw a picture of them self and practise writing their Christian name. 


Expressive Art & design/Understanding the World.


Remind the children of the story The Runaway Iceberg.


What animals are Gaspar and Rossi?

Where do they come from?

Look at a globe or map and discuss.

Paint or draw a picture of Gaspar or Rossi.