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Mon 11.01.21


Complete another Fast Maths addition grid.  Remember that if your child can only answer some of the questions in the 10 minutes that is fine, they should aim to improve their score over time.

Today's PowerPoint is voiced over to support the children.  They will need a pencil and paper to answer questions in the PowerPoint and will need to pause the presentation when they are completing an activity.  Some children may not need to listen to the whole explanation, if this is the case just move onto the next slide.



The children have a PowerPoint to work through which is again voiced over, they will need a pencil and paper to complete the grammar warm-up.

The children then need to create their own setting for Traction Man's next adventure.  They can do this using toys or by building a setting from Lego or alternatively they can make their setting in a cardboard box.



There is a brief PowerPoint to introduce the children to our new learning vehicle.  They then need to record which inventions they think are important and why.



Join in with the Cosmic Kids Yoga Minions adventure.