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Each week your child will bring home a library book to share. This is not for your child to read, but for you to read to your child to help encourage that love of books and reading.


Letter formation sheets linked to Read Write Inc. will come home each week for your child to practise on.


Letter sounds can be practised at home by making some flash cards. Simply write the letters on paper or card and show the letters, at speed, to your child to help him/her quickly recall the sounds. We call this method 'Speed Sounds' and we do this daily in school.

Once your child confidently knows some of the sounds, try blending 3 of those sounds together by sounding each letter in turn getting faster and faster ending on saying the word in full. e.g.

d-o-g   dog     m-a-n  man     s-i-t  sit     t-a-p  tap     m-a-t  mat.