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Homework wc 3rd February


For English homework this week, I would like your child to learn a fairytale (not Little Red Riding Hood!) and retell the story - this might be through writing or a picture (or something even more imaginative!), either is fine.

Spring Term Project


Your child's project this term may be about:


  •  the Olympics / Paralympics
  • Japan
  • London
  • the human body
  • the Royal Family
English and Maths homework will be set for pupils every Friday. These tasks are designed to help the children to secure the learning that we have been doing in class. Children should spend 15 minutes on Maths and 10 minutes on English, plus an additional 10 minutes of phonics practice. Homework should be returned to school in your child's book bag on the following Wednesday.

Maths and English Homework wc 16th December