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Home learning activities: Monday 23rd March '20


The Earth's Oceans reading comprehension activities PDF contains the answers on pages 1 and 4 (activity pages 2-3) so ensure the children don't see these before completing the activity.

There are extra challenge questions if your child needs them but these are not compulsory.


The maths activities involve recapping finding a half and a quarter of numbers.  We did this a few weeks ago so it is the perfect time for a re-cap but the children might be a little rusty at first.  They can draw 2 and 4 groups to help them.

If your child needs an extension activity ask them to find three quarters of numbers.  E.g. 12, 20, 8 and to explain to you how they did this.  Again they can draw pictures to support them with this. 

Autumn Term Homework Project Letter

Spring Term Homework Project Letter

Well done Year 2

Well done to all of you for the amazing homework projects you have completed this term.  It is lovely to see that you have enjoyed our learning vehicle topics and the projects you have completed are outstanding.  Thank you to parents for supporting with these.

Many thanks, Mrs Richardson.