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22/05/2020 Shanice-Ann has really enjoyed her activities today, especially singing the Rainbow song to her Mummy.

22/05/2020 Hattie has had a lovely week enjoying her home learning, a teddy bear’s picnic and a family walk across Shugborough. Looks like a lot of fun Hattie!

22/05/202 Jaxon is missing playing with his football club so he’s practising his skills at home! What a fabulous video Jaxon, we love it!

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22/05/2020 Jaxon has had a fun week! He had some new sunglasses delivered, which he loves, and also decorated his own pair as part of his home learning. He also had a BBQ in the garden and played on his fabulous trampoline.

21/05/2020 Wow! Shanice-Ann has been very busy this week with her home learning! She has written rhyming words, completed a wordsearch, designed her own sunglasses and worked out some very tricky subtraction number sentences! Well done Shanice-Ann, super work!

21/05/2020 Jaxon had lots of fun at school today! He worked hard on all his online learning and also had time to carefully colour this very tasty looking ice-cream, which he told Mrs Richardson is vanilla flavour.

20/05/2020 Reuben got very creative decorating his sunglasses. They are fabulous Reuben!

20/05/2020 Ruben had a very busy day helping to build a new planter for his garden. Great job Ruben!

18/05/2020 After Millie made repeating patterns with her Jenga blocks she had great fun knocking them all down!

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18/05/2020 Millie has been working hard with her school work. She’s also been outside lots with her scooter and her dolls. She even managed to get a real ice cream from the ice cream van. She used jenga pieces to match patterns and even had fun knocking them all down.

18/05/2020 Esme sent these photos of her making these fabulous sunglasses. She was very busy completing all her home learning today and finished off by reading a book from Oxford Owl. Well done Esme!

18/05/2020 Lila had a lovely trip to Rowley Park today with her family and Bane the dog. She also completed her home learning and read a book on Oxford Owl. A busy start to your week Lila!

15/05/2020 Nwando has sent us these lovely photos showing how busy she has been with her home learning this week. She also had some fun in the sun on her scooter. What a fabulous week Nwando!

15/05/2020 Esme and her family had a fabulous adventure at Doxey Marshes this morning! On the lovely long walk Esme saw lots of animals and their babies, just like the animals in The Train Ride. When she got home Esme did her reading, maths and phonics. Such a busy day Esme, and your writing is beautiful!

15/05/2020 Hattie has enjoyed all her activities this week. She made a ‘seaside in a bottle‘ and a delicious looking ice-Cream! She nearly managed an entire Joe Wickes workout, completed some number bonds, wrote some fabulous seaside sentences and thought of lots of different vehicles. Wow Hattie, you’ve been so busy! As well as all of that, scientist Hattie completed an experiment by pouring hot water on skittles to create a rainbow of colours. I think we might try this experiment Hattie!

15/05/2020 Poppy-Rose has been working very hard again this week. Your work is fabulous Poppy-Rose, well done!

15/05/2020 Here is Jaxon performing his latest hit song accompanied by his maracas! Super talent Jaxon!

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15/05/2020 Jaxon has had a fabulous week! he has worked hard on his home learning, made smoothies, been on a 5 mile scooter ride and enjoyed a day at Blessed Mother Teresa’s. Well done Jaxon!

14/05/2020 Max is concentrating really hard on his number bonds. Mummy has told him he can make an ice-cream if he completes them! Come on Max, you can do it!

14/05/2020 Here is Lila playing her fabulous maracas!

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14/05/2020 Lila has had a really crafty day today! As well as completing her maths and English she has made a delicious looking ice-cream and some maracas. She even found time for some gardening! Wow Lila, you are a real super star!

14/05/2020 Rory wanted to share his fantastic drumming skills with us! You really are superb at drumming, well done Rock Star Rory!

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14/05/2020 Rory playing his maracas to the My Lighthouse song! Very musical Rory!

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14/05/2020 Rory has been having lots of fun this week! He has been really busy with his Maths and English work and he has been really crafty making a fabulous ice-cream and some marvellous maracas!

14/05/2020 Harry is having another wonderful week of home learning. He made a Train Ride story map and wrote some sentences, made a ‘beach in a bottle’ and went on a walk, where he built a fabulous den. The most exciting part of Harry’s week though, was when he was allowed to get up late at night to see the hedgehog which has been visiting his garden every night for dinner! Wow, what an amazing thing to see Harry!

13/05/2020 Irene is enjoying all her home learning and has sent us these pictures to show us some of the work she has completed. Well done Irene!

13/05/2020 Elijah-Jax has been having lots of fun this week. He has been working hard on his home learning, enjoyed a long family walk and made a really cool den in his living room. Your den looks super cosy Elijah-Jax!

13/05/2020 Ruben has been learning how to play chess and doing some fabulously colourful painting this week!

13/05/2020 In this video Shanice-Ann is playing her maracas and singing The Wheels on the Bus! How wonderful Shanice-Ann, well done!

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13/05/2020 Here is Shanice-Ann recreating the rhythm of the train in our story The Train Ride!

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13/05/2020 Shanice-Ann has been busy completing her seaside I-spy activity and making some fabulous maracas! Well done Shanice-Ann!

13/05/2020 Reuben has made a brilliant maraca today to help him recreate the rhythm of the train in our story The Train Ride. We love it Reuben!

12/05/2020 Rory has been practising his football in the garden. Super skills Rory!

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12/05/2020 Rory has been having a great time with his new bug collector as well as working on his home learning. Well done Rory!

12/05/2020 Laurence has great fun on his bike rides, as well as finding some pine cones he has spotted some baby animals! Laurence saw some Canada geese with their goslings and a mummy cow with her calf! How adorable Laurence, thank you for sending us the photos!

12/05/2020 Reuben is sending us examples of some of the fabulous work he’s doing each day. Keep up the great work Reuben!

12/05/2020 Ruben had a fabulous time in the woods building a pirate ship and a den! Looks like great fun Ruben!

11/05/2020 Esme has had great fun with her home learning today. She loved listening to the Train Ride, our story this week, drew pictures of what was seen on the journey and labelled them. Esme also worked out the tricky ‘I-Spy’ number sentences using her counting blocks. Esme finished today’s learning by reading a book from the Oxford Owl website. Such a busy day Esme, well done!

11/05/2020 It looks like Lila has been having lots of fun in the sun this weekend and she’s made a brilliant start to the week with her home learning! Well done Lila!

11/05/2020 Poppy-Rose has been working really hard on the Cautious Caterpillar activities last week, what fabulous work! Well done Poppy-Rose!

11/05/2020 Ruben has been working so hard on his home learning and he is very proud of himself! We are very proud of you too Ruben, well done!

07/05/2020 This week Jaxon has learnt about repeating patterns and the life cycle of a butterfly. He wrote about why it is good to be a butterfly, spelt out words using his caterpillar letters and created a story map for the Cautious Caterpillar story. Wow! Super work Jaxon!

07/05/2020 Elijah-Jax is missing his school friends and teachers so much but he’s keeping busy and having lots of fun with his family. As well as working on his home learning Elijah-Jax has helped paint some new garden planters with his brother, been on lots of bike rides and had a fabulous time in the pool!

07/05/2020 Hattie has had so much fun completing her Cautious Caterpillar activities this week, we love all your fabulous work Hattie!

07/05/2020 Esme has painted some beautiful repeating patterns and had great fun watching the water change into different ‘mermaid colours‘ each time she washed her brush! Esme has also been enjoying choosing a new reading e-book each day on the Oxford Owl website. Great work Esme, keep it up!

07/05/2020 Camden has really enjoyed completing all his Cautious Caterpillar activities this week. He has made a fabulous butterfly life cycle model as well as a brilliant Cody Caterpillar and Butterfly. Camden decided Cody needed a shocked face when he became a butterfly! Camden is also very proud of himself for learning to ride his bike! Well done Camden, we are very proud of you too!!

06/05/2020 Lila has written to Cody Caterpillar to try to convince him to become a butterfly. She has also created a beautiful butterfly lifecycle model and made some repeating patterns. Well done Lila!

06/05/2020 Lily-Mai is having a lovely time taking care of her beautiful dog Bailey.

06/05/2020 Harry has been having fun making repeating patterns on paper and with his toys. He also made lots of symmetrical characters from the Cautious Caterpillar story as well as a collage butterfly and a rainbow one especially for Mrs Lakin! Fabulous work Harry!

06/05/2020 Shanice-Ann has been using her blocks and paints to create some fabulous repeating patterns!

05/05/2020 Lily-Mai is growing a sunflower, we hope it grows really tall!

05/05/2020 Ruben has been planting some vegetables seeds in his garden. We can’t wait to see what grows!

04/05/2020 Shanice-Ann is having lots of fun exploring the website ‘Teach Your Monster To Read’.

04/05/2020 Reuben has been exploring patterns today. He made a snake and painted a pattern on it and he made a symmetrical butterfly. Fabulous Reuben!

04/05/2020 Lila has had lots more fun with her work this week, as well as baking, walking and playing with her pets, Bane the dog and Victor the rat!

04/05/2020 Poppy-Rose has shared these photos of some of her fabulous writing this week. Your writing is beautiful Poppy-Rose!

04/05/2020 Lily-Mai has been having lots of fun using her tablet to access some fabulous home learning apps. Super work Lily-Mai!

04/05/2020 Ruben has been having a very busy time with his home learning! He also won first prize at his Daddy’s workplace for the best ‘stay safe rainbow’ picture! Wow, congratulations Ruben! And Ruben has drawn another amazing rainbow outside his house!

04/05/2020 Millie had a lovely time this week making crafts and celebrating her birthday, Happy Birthday Princess Millie! She had lots of fun dressed as Princess Elsa, speaking to friends and family on the phone and even making a mermaid cake.

03/05/2020 Jaxon made a wonderful obstacle course so he could travel round his house like the Rosie from our story. It looks quite tricky Jaxon but you completed it brilliantly!

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03/05/2020 Jaxon has been practising counting in 2’s. Fabulous maths Jaxon!

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01/05/2020 Foxy Reuben has been thinking of words that rhyme with ‘hen’ and ‘fox’, the characters in our story Rosie’s Walk! Fab photo Reuben!

30/04/2020 Ember and Harry have sent us this video telling us all about their rockets! 3,2,1, lift-off!!

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30/04/2020 Ember and her brother Harry have sent us these fabulous photos from their home learning this week. It looks like they’ve been enjoying their busy work and having lots of fun in the garden!

30/04/2020 Lily-Mai has been practising her cursive writing. What beautiful letter formation Lily-Mai!

30/04/2020 Jaxon has been thinking about what the characters in Rosie’s Walk might say to each other. Super ideas Jaxon!

30/04/2020 Esme is enjoying her home learning routine each morning. This week she has had great fun with her maths, practising doubling, addition and subtraction and she can now write her own number sentences and solve them all by herself! Well done Esme, we are both so proud of you! Also, Esme has been exploring the Oxford Owl website, she has found lots of free e-books to help her continue with her reading while we are away from school. The link to this website is on the Home Learning page that you visit each day to find the day’s learning challenges.

30/04/2020 Rory has been very busy this week! He has really worked hard on all his home learning challenges and also created a fantastic albatross project! Wow Rory, well done!

30/04/2020 Hattie is having a busy week! She has been practising her phonics, making playdoh cupcakes for doubling numbers, creating a Rosie’s Walk story board and colouring and cutting out all the sun safety activities. As a treat for all her hard work, Hattie and her sister are going to camp out in their dining room again because they loved it so much when they did it last week! Have fun girls!

30/04/2020 Camden has learnt the Suncream Song and he sang it beautifully here (with a little help from Mummy) Well done Camden and Mummy, we love this!

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30/04/2020 Camden is really enjoying his home learning and has sent us these wonderful photos to show us some of the fun he’s been having! Captain Hook has even been helping with the work! Well done Camden and Captain Hook!

29/04/2020 Harry has had lots of fun already this week! He has enjoyed working on our story, Rosie’s Walk, and practising doubling numbers for our maths challenges. Harry also had a great time splashing in muddy puddles on his walk and designing his dinosaur and volcano sun hat!

29/04/2020 Lila has been doing some more fabulous work at home! We love seeing your photos Lila, thank you for sending them in!

29/04/2020 George is having great fun with his home learning and has been very busy! George’s family are also having a sunflower growing competition and they have been on some lovely bike rides in the sunshine.

28/04/2020 Reuben has been very busy drawing a fabulous farm and he has also been practicing doubling his numbers using a butterfly and his numicon. Wonderful work Reuben!

27/04/2020 Lila has learnt the Sun Cream Song today! What beautiful singing Lila and such good advice!

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27/04/2020 Lila has had such a busy day today with her home learning! She listened to Rosie’s Walk, made a story map and retold the story to her daddy. Then Lila made a ladybird to help with her number doubling. Lila finished her morning with some reading, stone painting and a picnic lunch with Jacob! What a fun day! Well done Lila!

27/04/2020 Poppy-Rose has been very busy making this superb story map of Rosie’s Walk! It's fabulous Poppy-Rose, well done!

27/04/2020 Jaxon has been learning to count in 2s and he has turned his maths into a music lesson! We love cross curricular links in Reception! Well done Jaxon!

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26/04/2020 Millie’s mummy has sent us these fabulous pictures of Millie. She has been taking long walks where she has seen ducks and horses as well as going on bike rides and doing her home learning in the garden. It’s lovely to see you having so much fun Millie!

25/04/2020 Ruben has been on his first bike ride to Derrington for his daily exercise today. It looks like you’ve had a lot of fun Ruben! What beautiful photos!

24/04/2020 Jaxon has been on a 3D shape hunt at home today. He found things in his room to match all the 3D shape pictures. Super maths Jaxon!

23/04/2020 Lily-Mai has been busy with her maths, writing and painting. What beautiful flower paintings Lily-Mai!

22/04/2020 Shanice-Ann has been really busy with her home learning. She has been writing all her numbers up to 40 and she has put her number hopscotch together all by herself! Well done Shanice-Ann!

22/04/2020 Shanice-Ann has been having lots of fun riding her scooter during her daily exercise!

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22/04/2020 Lila has written some brilliant sentences to describe today’s park picture. Lovely work Lila!

22/04/2020 Lila has been learning Spanish from her brother Jacob! Bien hecho Lila!

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22/04/2020 Harry’s mummy has sent these lovely photos of all the fun the family has been having with home learning! Harry found a fabulous tree to climb for an unusual place to read a book and he has also introduced his family to PE with Joe Wicks! Everyone in Harry’s house is a big Joe Wicks fan now!

22/04/2020 Jaxon has been super busy already today working on his number bonds to 20! Well done Jaxon!

22/04/2020 Poppy-Rose is enjoying her home learning, her mummy has sent us these photos of some of the fabulous work she has done so far this week! Super work Poppy-Rose, well done!

21/04/2020 Hattie has really enjoyed her home learning today. She has made a beautiful Easter candle, written about her favourite season, summer, made a reading den and even a hammock! What a brilliant idea, we think we should have a hammock in our classroom at school!

21/04/2020 Lila has had another busy day with her home learning. She has been practising ordering her numbers as well as making a cosy dark den to do some reading in. Lila also drew a beautiful farm picture, rode her bike and watered her plants!

21/04/2020 Rory has had a fabulous time over Easter and now he is back to enjoying his home learning. Rory’s is doing so well with all his work but especially his spellings and number bonds. Keep up the super work Rory, we are very proud of you!

21/04/2020 Rory has sent us this video of his amazing golf skills! A hole in 1 Rory! Well done!

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21/04/2020 Hattie has had a wonderful time over the Easter Holiday. Among other things she made an amazing bird feeder and also a fabulous ice cream van! Hattie is also very proud to tell us she can now ride her bike without her stabilisers! Well done Hattie, what a super achievement!

20/04/2020 Lily-Mai has had fabulous fun with her family during the Easter holiday. From gymnastics with her big sister to having a magic rainbow appear on her forehead, Lily-Mai has really enjoyed herself!

20/04/2020 Ember and her brother Harry have had a lovely Easter holiday and they have started the summer term raring to go! They have been very busy today with their home learning and having lots of fun!

20/04/2020 Lila has shared these fabulous pictures of all the fun she has had over the Easter Holiday! And Lila has started her summer term home learning with some super sentence writing! Lovely work Lila!

20/04/2020 Jaxon has been working hard on his home learning already! He has been using a PowerPoint to help him write simple sentences, these are fabulous sentences Jaxon! And it looks like you and Zach had a relaxing time ‘social distance’ reading in your garden!

20/04/2020 Lily-Mai has shared a screenshot of her progress on the Maths Factor website. Lily-Mai is enjoying exploring this website alongside her other home learning challenges. Well done Lily-Mai!

20/04/2020 Nwando celebrated her 5th birthday during the Easter holiday. She had a fabulous time celebrating but she did miss sharing her special day with her friends. We think you look beautiful Nwando!

02/04/2020 Hattie has had some fabulous fun with craft! She has made a rocket, decorated eggs and made a ducks nest. Hattie also went on a 3D shape hunt around her house. Super work Hattie!

02/04/2020 Lila has been busy today with her Easter themed home learning and Lila's mummy tells us that Lila wants to be a builder when she grows up!

02/04/2020 Millie has been enjoying spending time outside. She has played football and had lots of fun on her slide! Millie has also thought about what it would be like at the top of a magic beanstalk and she has drawn a fabulous picture to show us! Millie misses going to the swimming pool so she has being practising in her bath!

01/04/2020 Esme has been enjoying her home learning, although she is missing all her friends. She is so excited to share this picture with us as she has been practising to ride her bike without stabilizers and now she can do it!!! Well done Esme, we are so proud of you!

01/04/2020 lila has been working hard on all her home learning tasks set by Mrs Lakin today. She has made a beautiful Easter cross and she has been busy using her key words in sentences and writing number sentences.

01/04/2020 Reuben has made some yummy biscuits using the tablespoon recipe in his home learning pack. We were wondering if it would work! Ruben has also been learning about Easter with his mummy and he has made this lovely lego cross. Well done Reuben!

1/04/2020 Nwando has shared these lovely pictures of her home learning fun. We love all the work you are doing Nwando and starting your day with a Joe Wicks PE lesson is great fun!

1/04/2020 Rory is missing all his friends but he is keeping himself busy doing some fabulous work! Rory even managed to find time to hoover the artificial grass in his garden! Well done Rory!

31/03/2020 Harry has had so much fun in the last few days! He's worked on his Maths and English and also helped in the garden. On their daily walk Harry and his family saw some chickens! Thank you for the lovely pictures Harry.

31/03/2020 Lily-Mai has found some fabulous maths apps on her i-pad which she is having great fun exploring. Today Lily-Mai lost her first tooth! She was very brave and is now hoping the Tooth Fairy will still be able to visit her. Apparently Lily-Mai, according to Maureen Elf, the Tooth Fairy is a key worker (as is the Easter Bunny) so you should be fine!

31/03/2020 Shanice-Ann is having loads of fun working from home! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos Shanice-Ann and keep up the good work!!

31/03/2020 Ruben and Daddy have worked together to build this AMAZING rocket! Well done Ruben and Daddy, you must have had lots of fun working on it.

31/03/2020 Reuben has planted some mini cress seeds and has also drawn a picture of what he thinks would be at the top of a magic beanstalk!

31/03/2020 Lily-Mai and Lila have had lots of fun keeping in touch on Facetime. ♥Staying together when we're apart♥

31/03/2020 Lila has drawn a fabulous picture and written about giraffes, her favourite animal. Lovely work Lila!

31/03/2020 Laurence has been baking some delicious carrot muffins with his brother, Nicholas. After eating quite a few muffins, Laurence even found time to practise his maths! Super home learning Laurence!

31/03/2020 Jaxon's favourite animal is a monkey, he has written some brilliant sentences and coloured in a fabulous picture too! Well done Jaxon!

31/03/2020 Here are Isla's lovely photos of her practising her number bonds, baking bread and picking rhubarb ready for a crumble!

31/03/2020 Hattie is having another fabulous week of home learning! From writing, phonics and music to planting seeds and drawing a zebra, Hattie is certainly having lots of fun!

30/03/2020 Reuben has made this amazing rocket after patiently waiting all week for Mummy to finish the kitchen roll so he could use the tube! It was worth the wait Reuben, we love it!

30/03/2020 Ruben has been keeping very busy with his home learning! He has been practising writing capital letters, researching wild animals, making an amazing rocket and he even found time to draw a beautiful chalk rainbow outside his home. Fabulous photos Ruben!

30/03/2020 Ivy is getting ready for Easter. Your Easter bonnet is beautiful Ivy, well done!

30/03/2020 Lily-Mai has had lots of fun and family time this weekend. We love your painting of you and Mummy Lily-Mai!

30/03/2020 On Saturday Lila celebrated her 5th Birthday and being in lockdown didn't spoil her fun. Thank you for sharing these fabulous photos Lila.Happy Birthday!

30/03/2020 After a busy week of home learning (super cursive writing Jaxon!), Jaxon and his big brother Zach made this amazing 'school' cake at the weekend! It looks delicious boys and I hope you will make another one when we're all back at school!

27/03/2020 Hattie is a scientist today! She has made the most of the sunshine and experimented with sinking and floating in her water table. Next Hattie researched animals and discovered if you google certain animals on a device with a camera you have the option to view them in 3D in your own room! Amazing! Give it a go next time you are exploring the internet with an adult, try typing 'lion' into the google search bar and then scroll down until you see 'view in 3D'. Click on this and wait for the magic! See which other animals this works with. Thank you Hattie for your wonderful pictures and this fabulous idea!

27/03/2020 Here is Lila having a fabulous time at home! She has mastered the floss dance, practised her letter sounds and even compared shoe measurements in her maths! Carry on having lots of fun Lila!

27/03/2020 Wow! Ember and her brother Harry have had so much fun with their learning this week! It looks like they have hit every area of the Early Years curriculum! Well done both of you and thank you for sharing your home learning with us.

26/03/2020 Harry has been having lots of fun with his home learning! Here he is using his weighing machine that he made. Well done Harry!

26/03/2020 Reuben is very busy at home! He has made a weighing machine and has also started work on his CVC word book. Today Reuben helped mummy in the garden, he found some worms for the compost and planted some carrots and garlic! Brilliant work Reuben!