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Happy 4th Birthday to Bella love from Mrs Little, Miss Cummins and all of your friends in Nursery xx


Isabella (Year 2) and Madeline (Year 3) have enjoyed the sunshine today.  They have played with the trampoline and sprinkler this afternoon β˜ΊοΈβ˜€οΈπŸ’¦ xx



"Phew... I've been busy!


Belle the butterfly, Bertie the bee and Sarah the snail.

Love from Freya x"  Wow Freya you have been busy today!!. Well done Freya, it was so lovely to talk to you and Sophia earlier xx

"Morning Miss Cummings and Mrs Little,

I've been very busy and I've made my own "Sarah Snail".

I enjoyed your story this morning Mrs little.

I miss you both loads and will see you soon!

Love from Freya xx"

Good girl Freya, we love Sarah Snail!!heartyes xxx






Madeline and her big sister Isabelle have been working very hard so far this week.  They really enjoy working together and  sharing each other’s tasks. Isabella loved showing Madeline how to set up her clock this morning heart



"Hello Mrs Little and Ms Cummins,

I have completed my mini beast work this morning, I cut out all the words  for the snail parts all by myself and glued them in the correct spaces. I also did the Arnold the Ant cosmic yoga with my sister Sophia.

Missing you lots. Lots of love, Freya xxx" Well done Freya, what wonderful work!! We are missing you too!!xx heart



Louie has been a busy bee this week with all of his home learning!! Well done Louie xxheart



Stas has coloured his buzzy bee picture in beautifully heart


Santiago liked his hair cut by mummy just in time for him to enjoy the paddling pool with his sister on the sunny days last week. He has also been practicing drawing with his new pencil grip aides and, on the raining days, he has been baking biscuits with mummy and having lots of fun decorating them. He even tried to make some blue yetis from the cartoons he likes. "They were delicious!" in his own words πŸ˜„  Well done Santi, you've been having lots of fun!! We love your new haircut and your biscuits look yummy!!! yesheartxx
















"Madeline has practised writing her name today and things starting with ‘e’ ..... she also found a new way to use the felt tip pens to make a rainbow 🌈"  We love this Madeline, good girl!!heart xx 




"Ana Maria loved painting and with a bit of help putting together her beautiful Bumble Bee! After a bit of flying around the house the Bumble Bee landed in her bed to wait for her until bedtime. Using her creativity she even made another Bumble Bee out of her toys!" 😊 We love this Ana Maria, well done!!smileyheart





"StaΕ› is doing well, loves watching phonics videos on YouTube wink"  Well done Stas, so lovely to see you enjoying your home learning!! heart



"Charlie is keeping happy, safe and well. He loves Teach your Monster to Read and practising his Nerf Gun phonics."  Well done done Charlie, keep practising your phonicsyesheartxx




"Poppy loved learning about bees 🐝 while Leo made a poster for lockdown. It says "It may be stormy now, but rain doesn't last forever."  Well done Poppy, we love your bee painting!! And Leo, what beautiful words you have used for your lockdown poster heart xxx


"Bella has enjoyed learning about bumble bees today xxx."  Well done Bella, we are so pleased you enjoyed your home learning today heartsmiley xx




"William has spent time learning a little about VE Day and why we’re we’re celebrating. We painted some bunting, made red and blue cupcakes and we baked scones as well all ready for our tea party on the drive. 
William enjoyed playing on our drive with neighbours nearby. He pretended to sell doughnuts from our caravan 😁 As Saturday was so hot we also had the pool out so we have enjoyed a wonderful family weekend. William loves sliding dow the slide into the pool. Also, we have been watching wildlife in our garden. Birds, insects, spiders and even bats. I think that is why he painted a bat instead of a butterfly."
 Well done William!heart​​​​​​ xx








Miss Cummins would like to introduce everyone to her new little puppy Murphy heart We are sure he's loving spending lots of time with his new family.


Norah has been buy doing lots of activities this week. As well as doing her nursery activities, she has been making ice lollies and delicious pastries...they look yummy!! Well done Norah smileyheart







"Ana Maria has been helping daddy build and paint her a playhouse. We had a little bit of practise with the sounds ‘c’ and ‘k’ and matching and counting using flashcards. She has enjoyed drawing and painting a little spider and she insisted on two extra legs for her spider πŸ•·. 
As the weather has been kind to us again this week Ana Maria was very keen on going to the seaside and out for lunch, so instead we took a nice long walk along the Doxey Marshes. She was feeding the ducks and counting the cows! Asking her later at home if she would like a pet her answer was ‘a cow’ hahaha, I suppose we better move to a farm!"  
Well done Ana Maria xxheart




"Good morning Mrs little and Ms Cummings,

I've been busy doing my mini beasts activity!

Hopefully see you soon!

Love from (mini beast) Freya" Ahh, well done Freya!! heartxx


"Good morning Mrs Little and Miss Cummings.

Bella loved seeing Little Little with her two happy dogs (her words) 😍

Dogs are Bella's favourite animal and Kia is her best friend she will play with Kia all day, talking to her, singing to her and playing games with her. She loves her so much. They are double trouble. 

Hope you are safe and well."  We love these photo's of you and Kia!!heart



Hi Nursery, here are my two dogs Billy and Betty. Billy is four years old and is on the blue lead and Betty is a lot younger. She is one and a half years old and she has the red lead.  They are best friends and love to play and run around with each other.  They cause lots of mischief in our house. xxx


"Hello Mrs Little and Miss Cummins, Madeline loves painting and making her slides with Daddy and her big sister. Madeline loves her dog Pepper who is very happy to to be spending lots of time with the family at the moment 😊"  Well done Madeline heart




Grace enjoyed creating her Incy Wincy Spider craft smileyheart


05/05/20Stas has been making his mini beasts today with his big sister Liliana heartxx


"Poppy's enjoyed learning about spiders and she's progressing with her letters.

She drew a picture (with daddy!) of what makes her happy.... cuddling her bunny 🐰."  Well done Poppy smileyheartxx



"Here are some latest photos of StaΕ› and Liliana. They've been busy baking cake and making pizza! And the most important..StaΕ› did the washing up afterwards!!! What a star:-)."   Well done Stas and Lilianna smileyheartxx




"Norah’s spider. She remembered correctly that the spider has got 8 legs."  Well done Norah smileyheart xx


"Hi we have had some time playing cricket in the garden. William was great at batting the ball! I was really surprised 😯 William has also done some chores for pocket money too 😁"  Well done William heart xx






"This week William has enjoyed doing some drawing on purple mash. We have done some writing with our fingers in mixed seeds and also in gloop. William has also been learning about the stars and planets with daddy. Daddy has bought a telescope and his new hobby is star gazing so William now looks for Venus every night.

William is becoming best friends with Red the dog, they are inseparable! We slept in the caravan on the drive for a change of scenery."  You've had lots of fun William, well done!!smileyheart xx






"Madeline has coloured in a flag today with her sister ready for VE Day celebrations and she also drew a picture of all the things that make her happy xx " Well done Madeline smileyheart

01/05/20 - "Ana Maria has had a busy last few days and she really enjoyed it. She loved creating a colourful lady bird with yellow spots 😊 which she proudly keeps it very close when doing her work. She invited it for a bit of food in her kitchen  πŸ€— as the weather is not very good outside.  Doing some progress with writing and number 4 is definitely the new highlight as Ana Maria knows she will be four this year.  She also came up and said ‘look mummy I have built number three from blocks’ which was such a great surprise πŸ€

She also likes playing with the playdough with mummy and cutting different shades. Today she has helped with making daddy’s birthday cake for his big birthday and asking how old we are both. We’ve used the number flash cards together to show her our age πŸ˜‚ It is so nice and reassuring to see her willing to learn so much more and to ask questions. On mini mash Ana Maria really likes to build the puzzles and she is getting a lot better at exploring too!" 😊  Good girl Ana Maria heart






01/05/20  -  Peter, mummy and his brother made Chinese dumplings today and doing a great job with his chopsticks. Well done Peter!!smileyheart



"Hello Mrs Little and Miss Cummins,

I've created a cross and decorated it in flowers. I hope you are both well and are staying safe!

Love from Freya"  Well done Freya heart


01/05/20 - Tola in Nursery Class has had a 'home haircut' over the weekend! What a lovely job your Mummy has made!smiley

30/04/20 - Louie used his magnifying glass to find the mini beasts!! smiley

Harry and his big sister Ember have had a very busy week!!! smileyheart








Harry and his sister Ember made a rocket each!

Still image for this video

"Poppy enjoyed her minibeast adventure. She took her umbrella just in case!"  Well done Poppy, we are glad you enjoyed the mini beast hunt! xx 


"Louie has been having lots of fun with all his busy work today on ‘Maths City‘.  We’ve continued with the letter sound ‘m’ this week as you can see Louie made a Monster from dough, a picture from objects around the house beginning with 'm' and he’s even been out on his Motorbike!"  Well done Louie yessmiley xx




"Madeline finished off her ladybird today and loved playing the ladybird game on the computer too!

She also helped her big sister build with some lego too". xx   Well done Madeline heartsmiley


"Hello Miss Little and Miss Cummings,

Peter is doing well. Peter and Felix (his little brother) play a lot together and getting on really well. 

We do homeschooling with them every morning and they are enjoying the books that thier daddy wrote for his former school he work for.  Peter is learning basic times table and enjoying it too".  Well done Peter!! heartsmiley




'Poppy did Joe Wicks, then watched Disco dough and completed her 'M' drawing of Mummy!'

Well done Poppy! heart 





"Madeline has enjoyed the activities today..... she loves the letter M and confidently writes this EVERYWHERE (including on the kitchen cupboards πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ) 

We are waiting for our ladybird parts to dry so that we can finish making this tomorrow" xxxx 

Well done Madeline, super work!! heartsmiley





28/04/20 - Louie has been really busy at home so far this week, with his letter sound, purple mash and he especially enjoyed the maths ladybird game.  Well done!! smiley


28-04-20  - Asher loved Mrs Little's story 'What the Ladybird Heard'.heart




27/04/20  -  Poppy has loved reading "What the Ladybird Heard" and listening to Mrs Little. She has made her "Wanted Poster" and has also been playing lots of number and counting games too, well done Poppy!! heart



27/04/20  -  Stas was a little bit shy when he saw Mrs Little on his laptop screen heart  Here are some photographs from his learning this morning and also last Friday when he was learning with his grandparents, while mummy and daddy were at work heart







27/04/20  - This morning Freya has been very busy!! She has made her "Wanted Poster" and drawn a cow and a ladybird...she has written the words all by herself...what a clever girl yesheart Well done Freya!!! xx


Such a lovely message from Grace heart


"Hello Mrs Little and Ms Cummins,

I miss you two.

I want to hug you, but I cannot because of the coronavirus outside.

I like to go to a picnic with my daddy, mummy and my brother.

I love you




25/04/20  - William was really busy over the Easter holidays, he painted eggs and then he played an egg and spoon race with his family! He has been enjoying activities on Purple Mash and Twinkl, made obstacle courses in his garden, played on his trampoline and he has been digging for dinosaur bones too! He had a letter sounds hunt in the garden and he's even had a letter sound lesson with his Nanna on Zoom.  He is having so much fun!   Well done heart xx





23/04/20  -  Poppy carefully sorted her toys into size order, well done!!heart

23/04/20  -  Louie has had a super week with all of the busy work that he has been sent.  Well done Louie!!

We hope your Hungry Caterpillar finds lots of yummy food to it in your garden!! wink




23/04/20  -  Tola and her family are keeping safe and well heart







23/04/20  A wonderful butterfly hand painted using the four key shapes in a symmetrical pattern smiley

22/04/20  -  Madeline loved counting some of her toys this morning and look how well she did at putting them into the correct size order yessmiley Well done! heart

22/04/20  -  Poppy has painted a beautiful butterfly today, the colours and shapes are matching on each of the wings, well done Poppy!heart  She has enjoyed singing our Days of the Week song, and has been sharing our morning prayer with her big brother Leoheartsmiley


21/04/20  -  Louie has had a super day and lots of fun with the activities that we sent for him today. Wow!! Look at how tall his beanstalk has grown.  Well done Louie with your maths caterpillar counting and your phonics activities yesheartsmiley








Still image for this video
21/04/20 - Stas has been trying really hard with his letter sounds and recognition today!! Well done xx

21/04/20  -  Madeline loved today's Hungry Caterpillar activities (I think her daddy did toowink)  They both did a fabulous job!! She has also cut out lots of pictures that begin with the letter sound of the week 'n' and also done her maths activity. Well done to Madeline and her daddy!!! We love these photographs xxxheart




21/04/20  -  Bella had so much fun today! She started with Cosmic Kids Yoga, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Then she made her own caterpillar smileyyes and then she did a little bit of dancing with her big sisters Lily May.

Well done Bella! xx


20/4/20  -  Louie has been a busy bee today with his work.  While he is staying safe and well at home he has drawn a lovely picture of the yummy food that the Hungry Caterpillar ate and he has also completed his Easter 2do activity on Purple Mash.  Well done Louie!! smileyheart





20/4/20  -  Bella and her sister Lily May have been making rainbow pictures today for their Nanny and Great Na to put in their windows.  They both had a lovely Easter break and made beautiful Easter bonnets.  They are missing school very much!! Bella said she really wanted to come to school today!!  We miss you too Bella heartxx






20/4/20 - Freya has had a very busy Easter holiday with her family.  She made a beautiful Easter bonnet, found some dinosaur eggs which she had to dig into to get the dinosaur out.  She had lots of chocolate eggs too.

This morning, Freya started her day off doing Andy's Wild Workout and then she was a busy bee and completed all of her school work.  She really enjoyed sharing 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' with her family heart  Well done Freya!!smiley








20/4/20  -  Wow!! Look at Poppy's fabulous hungry caterpillar!! We love this Poppy, well done!!heartsmiley

20/4/20  - Harry and his sister Ember have had a lovely Easter break!! They are missing their friends and their teachers! heart  Well done Harry and Ember wth your work today!!! smiley xx





Harry especially loved our days of the week song.  He loved singing to it this morning! smiley


20/4/20 - Stanislaw has had a lovely Easter break! He has been busy learning his numbers and colours at home. He is also speaking a lot more Polish with his family. Well done! smiley



20/4/20 - After a lovely Easter break, Madeline has got straight on with her work.  She loved sharing the "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" with her daddy.  She carefully counted the yummy food that the caterpillar ate and then drew a tree and a lovely slice of melon!! smiley Well done Madeline xx






03/04/20  -  Sending Birthday wishes to our lovely Grace who is 4 today!!  Grace's mummy has made a beautiful birthday cake with Elsa and Anna on it.  Grace has had so much fun on her birthday...she has been singing, dancing and also managed to wash her dolls too!!  Her beanstalk has grown very tall, but Grace is hoping that it grows into a flower as she doesn't like the giant at the top of the beanstalk!!angelheart  We miss you too Grace, love from Mrs Little and Miss Cummins xx




02/04/20  -  Stas and his big sister Liliana have been having lots of fun at home.  He has been practising his phonics, counting up to 10, recognising colours and developing his cutting skills...he has been very busy!!smileyBefore the school closed he went on a family skiing trip and had a fantastic time!!heart





02/04/20  - Ella has been working on the phonics pack and practising and playing the number games that myself and Miss Cummins prepared...Well done Ella!  smileyheart


02/04/20  -  Bella's beanstalk has grown so much, she said it's nearly as tall as her!! Her mummy is going to put at stick in to support it so that it can grow up to the sky!!smileyheart


02/04/20  -  Bella is using her creative skills...she is making Elmer the Elephant out of an empty milk carton and coloured tissue paper.  Well done Bella smileyheart




02/04/20   -  William has been enjoying staying safe at home...he has played a family game to help him with his counting and his big brother Joey helped him to play froggy counting on his iPad...while he was sitting on his dog!!!winkheart


01/01/20 - What a lovely email I have had today to share with every one in Nursery...Madeline has made an Easter card for all of us and decorated it carefully with Easter pictures.  Inside is a lovely message to us all, she traced carefully over the dots that her daddy had made for her...Well done Madeline...and daddy!!! winkheart xx

01/04/20  -  Yesterday, Madeline's mummy emailed us to share a few more lovely photographs. Madeline and her big sister Isabella have been enjoying the fresh air on a bike and scooter ride.  They are continuing to work hard at home for their daddy and to finish off, after all of her hard work, Madeline loves to have snuggles with Pepper dog! smileyheart




01/04/20  -  Arlo has been keeping very busy at home but he is missing school.  He has been helping and playing in the garden and trying to plant himself in a pot to grow bigger like his beanstalk!! heart He also found a ladybird friend. He has been practising his riding on his scooter and his number skills. Well done Arlo!!!smileyheart






01/04/20  -  Freya has been having fun playing on Purple Mash.  She has being doing Cosmic Kids with her big sister Sophia and we are so pleased to see that her beanstalk is growing well smileyheart   


30/03/20  -  Bella is missing Mrs Little and Miss Cummins lots!! Her mummy has told us that she is having lots of fun with her sister Lily May.  Yesterday they baked Paw Patrol cakes.  They've been doing gymnastics and PE.  Bella loves pretending that she is at school, she takes her own register every morning!! smiley  Thank you for keeping in touch Bella, we love to hear from you!!smileyheart





27/3/20 - Harry and his big sister Ember have been superstars for their Mummy and Daddy!!heart They've have had lots of fun with their home learning this week in the sunshine!!









Poppy has been been a busy bee.  She has been practising letter formation!! What a superstar!! smileyheart