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Friday 5th June

Good morning Year 5! 


I hope that you are all well! 

Well done for completing your first week of home learning in this term.


You will need a protractor for next week's maths- so please be prepared and if this is going to be a problem, let me know. 


Today's work is largely independent. Please complete the maths assessment before the maths session- we will be going through the answers together for half an hour from 10am.

English is also largely independent- so I will go through this at the end of maths and use the rest of the time to make any deliveries needed to anyone who needs equipment and resources for their home learning.




Maths- Complete the maths assessment and we will meet at 10.00 on Google Classroom to explore the answers and I will also give a quick overview of what is required for your independent English learning.


English- complete the questions regarding evacuation.


History - Exploring WWII inventions. 


PE: Create your own circuit for exercise 


I look forward to seeing you soon!


Mrs Thorley