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Friday 27th March

Daily Practise

Continue with daily phonic sound practise.

Continue with daily tricky word practise.


Phonic Games

Show me the sound - tell me the sound as quick as you can.

Hide and seek phonics - hide the sounds around your house and tell me the sound when you find them.

Make words - use printed or handwritten phonic flash cards to make different words.

See if you can write a sentence with your word/s in.

Phonic bingo - make a bingo mat with different sounds on say the sound and if you have it put your card on top until you get bingo.



Click on the seaside power point link at the bottom of the page about measuring. Click on the tab ‘slide show’ in the top bar of the power point. Then press the tab ‘From beginning’ to start.

Next go to Purple Mash and explore the ‘to do’ Maths City 2.


Extra Activity: 

Perhaps you can measure shoes in your family like in the 'Shoe Shop'. You could draw around different shoes and compare the sizes. Maybe, you could send some pictures and we can put them on our class page and school FB pagewink.


P.E.  - Dancing Fun

Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze


Floss Dance


Banana Banana Meatball