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Friday 26th June



Good morning Year 5!


I hope you enjoyed a more flexible approach to your learning yesterday, William and I cycled to Red Lion Farm for an ice-cream which was brilliant! We seem to have some summer back (for the moment!), long may it continue!




 9.30 - Google Classroom Maths- we will go through translation and then children will be given (unless otherwise arranged) 30 minutes to complete the unit assessment.  

11.00- Read or listen to Good Night Mister Tom Chapter 15- I will ensure the audio is uploaded in time, but have not yet recorded the chapter. 

11.30- Google Classroom- This is a VERY emotional chapter, I'm expecting to hear some great comments from you!

Spelling Test- Please email me your score 

Geography- Exploring the formation of mountains

PE- create your own circuit and challenge a family member to complete it too!


I look forward to seeing you at 9.30 tomorrow. As ever, the link will be posted at approximately 9.15am.


See you soon! Mrs Thorley :-)

Chapter 15.mp4

Still image for this video