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Friday 24th April

Fun with Phonics

Have fun spotting the tricky words with this interactive Busy Bee Hive game.

(Click on the power point link below)

Shout out the tricky words as you see them.

Next, try to think of some little sentences with tricky words in.

Can you now write down some of the tricky words you spotted?  You can have a go at writing some sentences with tricky words in if you like!


Bee Hive Tricky Words ph 2 and 3.ppt



Have fun with these morning starter activities. Work through the power point. There are rhyming, writing. reading and drawing activities to complete.




 Let’s look at counting in a different way today.

 We are going to learn about counting in 2’s to 20.

 Play the song:

Use a number line written on card or paper from 1 to 20 and numbers on  individual cards 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 .

 Put the number line somewhere for reference. Then mix up the numbers cards

( 2 4 6 8 etc.) and encourage your child to put the cards counting by 2 in order.

 Maybe they can then order them without the number line to help!

Understanding the World  

Be a season detective and play this game called:

 What Season Am I?

 Guess the season from looking through the binoculars.

 # power point