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Friday 22nd May 2020

So, we've come to the end of the first half term of the Summer!

It has been a very different sort of half term but we must take this opportunity to congratulate everybody on their continued hard work and super human effort coping at such a difficult time.

Well done everyone! We are very proud of you all!

To start our day today I have included one of our favourite songs that we enjoy singing together in reception.

The theme of this song is very pertinent at this time.

Enjoy your half term break next week.

God Bless

Mrs. Lakin



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I Love Summer Time Song:

Now, pretend that you are on holiday and you want to send a postcard to your friend. Think about what you would say to your friend. You may just want to tell them that you wished they were there with you or you may wish to tell them about your fun on the beach.

You can use this template to make your post card or you could ask mummy or daddy to help you make your own post card.

# post card template


Can you now solve the subtraction problems on the summer flowers?

Work out the answers first, then you will be able to find the correct colours to use.

Look at the colour code to help you. If you can not print off the activity sheet you can still solve the subtraction problems. Maybe you or Mummy or Daddy could draw your own flower with subtraction problems to solve on each petal with a colour code of your own.

Good luck everybody!


# subtraction summer flowers


Let’s give thanks to the Lord for all the wonders of the seaside.


Thank you, God for the wonderful seashore.

Thank you for plants that grow there, the fish that swim, the crabs that burrow and all the little sea creatures.


Now, can you make a beach/seashore  in a box?

Take a look and see what you can do!





Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze


Floss Dance


Banana Banana Meatball