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Friday 22nd May

Morning all!

Congratulations, you've made it to the "last" day of home schooling before some of us (hopefully) return to school on the 1st June! I understand that you will have lots of questions about the return to school and we'll try our best to answer as many of these as we can during this weeks phone calls - those of you that have made the decision not to send your children back on the 1st or have misgivings about doing so, please rest assured that me and Ms Mair will still be here to support, now and moving forward. 

We'd like to say a big "thank you" to all of you for the amazing support you have have given us (including putting up with my rambling morning messages) and how brilliantly you have all engaged with the work we have set over the last few weeks. I know it's been a really challenging time for all of us, but the daily emails, photographs and messages have been both a great part of my days and also a clear indicator of the amazing work you have been doing with the kids. I think I've said before that home schooling probably feels like a thankless task at times, especially with lots of you balancing your own work, having to commit your own time to work through the activities and, possibly the biggest challenge of all, trying to get them to concentrate for more than five minutes at a time (I used to look 10 years younger than this) -  but from me and Ms Mair, thank you! You've all done an amazing job, and as always, we're so proud to be part of the Year 1 family.

Have a great half-term! See you soon,

Mr Ferguson smiley


P.s. Thank you to those of you who have sent in messages so far, they're amazing! If you haven't sent a video/photo in to say hello to the rest of the class yet, please try and do this by Saturday! I'll make the video for the kids over the weekend so keep an eye on this page on Monday blush



For your phonics challenge today, I would like you to write out the alphabet in a line going down your page (you can use bubble letters if you would like to make your work look more exciting!) and try to think of a word that starts with each letter!

For example, you might write:

A - ant

B - bum

C - cow


If you want a trickier challenge, you can do the same activity but choose a theme for your words! So you might decide to do an animal starting with each letter of the alphabet (aardvark, bulldog...), football teams (Arsenal, Birmingham...) or even superheroes and supervillains (Ant Man, Batman...) 

Try your best to break down the words using beans and sausages to help you spell themselves, and see if you can think of any words that start with alternative pronunciations! 


Maths - Counting Money - Shop 

To build on this week’s learning, we are going to put our new knowledge of coins and notes into a real word scenario - buying things at a shop! At this point we don’t need to worry about working out how much change we would receive, but your child should understand that if they pay more than the item the left over money will be given them back (unless served by me in my former life as an Asda checkout boy)!


I would like you to play the linked game. Please make sure to press "mixed coins" and “exact change” and there are varying levels of challenge. It will probably be a good idea to start at ‘up to 20p’ and work up, but it depends on how quickly your child has grasped the concept!


Science - Design a Zoo

Today, we are going to learn all about the different animal groups - if I tell you that mammals are one group, can you remember the rest?

I have attached a link to BBC Bitesize for you to watch videos about all the different groups!


When you are finished, they activity that I would like you to do is to design your own zoo! You drawing should have 5 different areas for each different animal group! For example, you will need an area of your zoo for all the fish! This could be a big blue pool for them to swim around in. You can draw different animals that would belong in each area of your zoo, but think carefully when you're designing each area! What would the animals need to survive and be happy in your zoo?



Every morning Joe Wicks is hosting a live PE lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am. Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!