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Friday 22nd May

Good morning! Well done for completing the first half of the summer term (and what a strange one it has been). I've been really proud of you all, thank you to parents and children for the emails, phone calls, photographs and work on Purple Mash - where would we be without technology! I hope you all have a lovely half term break, you deserve it! smiley



Great work this term on our book 'Ug: Boy Genius of the Stone Age'. Recently, we have been comparing how Ug's world is different to our own. One of the things that a lot of you noted was the difference in food, we eat cooked meats and Ug ate raw meats. As the Stone Age was about 2.6 million years ago (yes even before I was born) there were many things that had not been invented yet, like an oven. Is there a particular invention that you think has been more important than others?


Things to think about; the use of fire (for warmth, cooking and as a tool for constructing other items), the development of writing, domestication of animals, the use of medicine (from early herbal remedies to the development of antibiotics), the printing press, electricity, the telephone, steel, the internal combustion engine, etc. 


Which invention from the Stone Age to the present day do you think is the most important? Research your chosen invention and create a mind map of facts/ideas, you can also include pictures if you wish. To gather some ideas you could watch an extract from the London 2012 Opening Ceremony (I have linked below) which takes you through some major developments in British history including the Industrial Revolution (the section depicting the Industrial Revolution starts at about 17:00 and lasts until about 33:30).



You have all been working really hard on learning to tell the time, so many of you will be pleased to know that today there is no paper or writing needed for maths! Instead I have set you some 2Do's on Purple Mash, there are 3 games to practise telling the time.



Joe Wicks Live PE lesson's are on every day from 9am.


Saint Bede - On Monday 25th May it will be St. Bede's Day, as he is our Year 3 class saint I would like you to research him and see what you can find out. You may remember some facts from the beginning of Year 3 when we wrote acrostic poems about him. I have attached a useful website to get you started and a child friendly search engine you can use. What is the most interesting fact you can find? Use your facts to create a biography about him, you can use the biography template on Purple Mash or use paper if you prefer. If you find a good picture of him online you can also add this to your Purple Mash template by saving it to your PC and then clicking on the green arrow in the photo box. I’d love to add some of your work to our class website so take your time to make your work interesting and eye catching.