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Friday 22.05

Today is the final day of the strangest and most challenging of half terms.  I wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to both you as parents and to your children, for the outstanding way in which you have juggled home learning with family life (and your own jobs), supported each other and continued to produce work of an amazing quality all from home.  A huge well done to you all and I hope you are all very proud of yourselves (adults and children). 


We know that Year 2 will not be returning to school for the time being and so the home learning continues for us after half term.  Understandably, your children are eager to see their friends and we would all like things to return to 'normal'.  However we need to dig deep and find the resilience and patience to keep going through what we hope will be the final weeks of staying at home.  Make the most of the relaxed rules on exercising (whilst maintaining social distancing from others) by getting out and about in nature or simply enjoying your garden.  Get lost in the magic of a good book (audio or read).  Spend time being creative (I can see some big improvements in drawings).

I have found a few additional activities to keep you going over half term.

Best wishes,

Mrs Richardson.    


Get out your clock again to complete the worksheet comparing durations of time.



Watch the clip about compound words and play the games below.  Then complete one or more of the compound words wordsearches (there are 3 wordsearches and the answers are also in this document).



Join in with Joe Wicks' PE lesson.



Using the plate outline, design, draw and colour your own blue and white pattern inspired by the poem you wrote yesterday.