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Friday 1st May

Happy Friday and congratulations for navigating another week of home learning! It has been lovely to speak to most of you this week, so thank you for risking the PPI calls and answering an unknown number! I think a common theme speaking to a lot of you was that there are some worries that you're not quite doing enough or such like. I appreciate that home learning can probably feel like quite a thankless job, but take it from me (admittedly someone who has worn nothing but football shorts for the last six weeks), it's so clear from your emails, photos and examples of work how hard you are working to make sure your children are having an enjoyable and rewarding experience with their learning at home - so a big thank you from me, you're all doing an amazing job. Have a great weekend and enjoy a well earned break! Mr Ferguson smiley



On PhonicsPlay, click on the Phase 5 button on the left side of the page. Practice your digraphs, trigraphs and alien words by playing on Cheeky Chimps! As I'm sure you remember, you need to decide which alternative pronunciation (different ways of saying something) is used in each word so that you can feed it to the right monkey! Try to practice 2-3 different digraphs or trigraphs  If you are finding this a bit tricky, you can of course refresh your memory of some Phase 3 sounds - I recommend either Obb and Bob or Buried Treasure.


Maths - Finding a Quarter

I'm happy to hear and see that the children have had lots of success with finding halves of shapes and objects! Today we're going one step further and introducing finding a quarter. A really simple way to introduce this is to give them a square piece of paper and ask them to fold it in half, and then fold it in half again - a nice and visual way to see the link between halves and quarters!

Then, watch Lesson 2 of Week 2 on White Rose Home Learning. Today, the goal is that your child understands that a quarter is "one of four equal parts" and that "four equal parts make a whole"! After watching the video and discussing the different examples with your child, I have attached a worksheet for you to complete smiley



For your science work this week, I would like you to conduct a weather experiment! Now I know it's hard to get to the shops at the moment so I have tried to choose some experiments that involve things you might have at home or don't use lots of equipment - you can choose which experiment suits you best! Of course, you're more than welcome to try more than one if you would like. Me and Ms Mair are very excited to see your results cool


Choose from:

1. Storm in a Glass

2. Make it Rain

3. Make a Rain Gauge


P.s. there are lots of other experiments on that website for you to try!



Every morning Joe Wicks is hosting a live PE lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am. Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!