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Friday 1st May 2020

Fun with Phonics  - Daily Practise

Practise Phases 2,3,4 phonic sounds

Have fun with    Phase 3 Buried Treasure

username:    march 2020

password:     home


Think about rhyming words.


Think of words that rhyme with ‘hen’ and ‘fox’.

Now sort them into sets e.g. pen and ten rhyme with hen. Box and socks rhyme with fox.


Try to write down the list of words you thought of underneath the word hen and another list of rhyming words under fox.


Practise all that you have learnt this week about doubles...

Play the game Jungle Maths

Doubles up to 10.


You will have to be quick as it’s against the clock. Good luck!


This is our last little activity to complete our unit about Easter.

 Try to remember the Easter story.


Draw a picture of something that you can remember from the Easter story.

Above the picture write the word:


in bright colours.

 Can you remember what the word Alleluia means?


In the story this week, Rosie went across the yard, around the pond, over a haystack, past the mill, through the fence and under the beehive.


Can you walk along, just like Rosie?


Maybe you can put together an obstacle course in your garden or house (ask Mummy or Daddy first) and copy Rosie going across, around over, past and under objects?


I bet you could even think of other ways to move about e.g. in front, behind, on top etc.

See what you can do!


Don't forget to send in pictures of your own Rosie's Walk adventure smiley.