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Friday 1st May

RE - Craft Cross Ideas




The Nursery curriculum talks about the children learning an Alleluia song. I have attached a link to a song.  There are two versions.  The 'new version' shows that the word 'Alleluia' is a happy word.  

I have included some 'craft' ideas, I thought the idea of a colourful cross could be used to reinforce the idea of, although it was very sad when Jesus died, it became happy because he came back to life.  All of the ideas in the link would need adult (or older sibling) support and might need to be adapted by yourselves according to what materials you have available.  


Literacy (mark making)

To develop the idea of 'happiness' by asking the children to draw or take photos of things/people that make them happy and that they would like to say thank you for.  Talk to your child about what/who makes them feel happy and ask them to draw a picture. You could then scribe underneath what they have drawn. 




If you haven't already done so, complete the handwriting sheet for the letter of the week ‘m’ in your orange phonics books.  Have a go at tracing over the letter first, then try and write the letter ‘m’ on your own.  Continue to practise your letter sounds regularly using your flash cards and thinking of things that begin with each sound. As an extra challenge, if you feel you child is confident, I would like them to explore in mini mash, reading and writing area, the phonics phase 2 game.  



Can you solve a problem? Can you help your grown ups to prepare for breakfast, lunch or tea. Have a think about how many people will be eating? Can you help to set the table?  Think about how many knives, forks plates and cups you will need on the table.  This can be something that you can do over the weekend if you don't get chance today.wink



Joe Wickes is available daily. 

Or you can get your grown ups dancing to Go Noodle Footloose - my favourite!!yeswink

Make sure you get plenty of fresh air too xx