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Friday 1st May


Excellent work so far on writing your myth adventures. Today I would like you to write the ending, remember to look at the last two boxes on your myth planning sheet. This should include; explaining the hero meeting the monster, describing what the monster looks like and explaining how the story ends. When you have finished, make sure to read your work back and check that it makes sense. Then evaluate your work using the success criteria tick list. 



Please use the links below to watch the video on how to ‘Subtract Fractions’ then complete the worksheet.



Take a walk in the outdoors and collect some different looking rocks, you will need these to complete your science work later. These are some rocks that I collected on my walk recently;




Science - Watch the video to learn more about the properties of rocks. Then use the rocks you collected earlier and find out their properties by conducting an investigation using the worksheet below. Are the rocks;

  • Permeable - pour water on it, does it go through?
  • Durable – can you break it easily?
  • High or low density – high if it sinks and low if it floats.
  • Hard or soft – can you easily scratch it?