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Friday 15th May

Good morning and congratulations on making it through another week of home learning - the end is in sight! Rest assured we're getting everything in place for our return to school (whenever that may be) and for the children of key workers returning to Saint Anne's this week - we can't wait to see you! We will be finishing our phone calls today so we'll look forward to speaking to you, but otherwise, have a great weekend! Mr Ferguson smiley



Today I would like you to play Space Race on PhonicsPlay to practise your segmenting (spelling) skills. You will be read and shown a picture of a word - your job is to spell it by breaking it down into the different sounds! For example, if you are read the word "bright", you can carefully break it down (using your robot arms!) into b - r - igh - t smiley Each word you get right will move you one step closer to getting to Obb! I would like you to play with the Phase 3 sounds to start off with, some will be quite tricky but don’t worry, you’ll get there! Remember, mistakes help your brain grow bigger, they're important to help you learn! laugh


Maths - Subtraction (Word Problems)

Today we are going to carry on our learning from yesterday by introducing word problems. For example, if there are fifteen birds in a tree and six fly away, how can we write that and show the answer in a number sentence?

I would like you to watch Lesson 3 of Week 4 on White Rose Home Learning and complete the worksheet. cool As an extra challenge, can you think of your own subtraction word problems? When might you need to use your subtraction skills in real life? smiley



Today we are going to start a new topic in RE all about Pentecost - when Jesus' disciples received the Holy Spirit after he had gone up to heaven.


- Firstly, I would like you to discuss with your mum or dad what you think the word 'promise' means. What is a promise? Can you think of any examples of promises that you might make? What is important about promises?

- Then, watch this short video to remind you of the Easter story, Jesus' ascension to Heaven and a little introduction to Pentecost! What does Jesus promise his disciples in the video? Does he keep his promise?

- For your activity, I would simply like you to think of a promise that you think you can keep, just like Jesus kept his promise to send the Holy Spirit to his disciples, and write it down (I have attached a special Pentecost border if you would like to use that smiley) This could be a promise that you are going to make to yourself (e.g. "I promise I am going to believe in myself") or a promise you would like to make to someone else (e.g. "I promise to help mum and dad around the house) smiley



Every morning Joe Wicks is hosting a live PE lesson on his YouTube channel at 9am. Don't worry if you can't wake up that early, they are on YouTube all day!