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Friday 10th July

Good morning Year 3! Thank you to everybody that took part in our live lesson yesterday - you all worked hard and seemed to understand the lesson very well so great work! I hope you all have a lovely weekend. smiley



Look at the front cover of the book we have been reading. Is this what you expected? Why? Why not?

What do you think happens next to the robot? You could either create a story map drawing out what you think happens next using arrows or you could write the middle and ending of the story.



Continuing our revision, today I would like you to recognise and describe 3D shapes. First, play the games online using the link below. Then, use the first sheet to discuss and share examples and then the second sheet for you to have a go.



Try out a Joe Wicks Live PE lesson or a dance routine from Oti Mabuse on YouTube. 


RE - Today you will be learning about the Eucharistic Prayer. Begin by reading the PowerPoint and then you can either print the sheet or draw your own chalice. In and around the picture of the chalice, write some of the different words from the Eucharistic Prayer that show we are praising God and show what we are thanking Him for. There are also PDF versions of the prayers in case you would like to highlight key words.