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Fri 26th Feb 2021

Happy Friday!!

It's Friday ♫ Skoolbo Music

Get into the weekend spirit with Omar and Verity - it's Friday! is the world's smartest learning program for 3-10 year olds! Skoolbo is tr...


Go to Google Classroom/Reception/Class works to access your daily phonics lessons for your child's group, for home learning.


The reception key worker children, in school, will access the same phonics lessons, for their particular group, each day.



Support your child with this comprehension.


Help them to read the text and add the detail from the instructions.

11 am

Live Story Time with Mrs Lakin

Our focused book today is:


When Will It Be Spring? by Catherine Walters

Listen carefully as there will be questions afterwards for you to try and answer.

Have a go at spotting the spring words in this word search!


The Great British Year: Four Seasons | BBC Teach

This clip shows the array of behaviour shown by plants and animals throughout the year, in tune with the seasons and the seasonal weather.Plants and animals ...

Use finger paints, poster paints, crayons or collage materials to decorate the trees to match the seasons.

Step Inside: When Will It Be Spring? Listen to the story again read by Mr. Popple.

The magic house invites Mrs Lakin's class to step inside and join Twinkle, Chloe and Boris for a story.

Have a fabulous weekend everybody!