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Fri 22nd Jan 2021

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are all ok?

Thank you for your emails and kinds words of thanks. It really is appreciated heart

It's great to see all the fabulous learning going on at home. You're doing an amazing job! 

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Share this Polar Bear rhyme with your child.

Help your child to write some words to describe where a Polar Bear lives, using the template if possible (below).

Encourage to use phonic skills with words such as snow, cold, frost, North pole etc. Write down suitable words you have discussed together and ask your child to, at least, write down the initial sound they can hear in the word. After your child has tried, independently, write the words down, modelling how to form the letters/sounds correctly.


Ensure that your child is holding the pencil correctly. If your child is not holding their pencil appropriately e.g. with a good tripod (3 finger) grip, index finger and thumb in a pinching action, other fingers behind, you must correct this as soon as possible. Every single time your child holds a pencil to write, please make sure their grip is correct.




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