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Fri 15.01.21

Good morning, Monday's Google Classrooms session will start at 9.15am.  For Monday I will upload the work to this webpage as I have been doing and I will continue to do that for the next couple of days.  When you become familiar with Google Classrooms I will switch to uploading the work just onto this platform.



Complete today's Fast Learning grid.

Follow the PowerPoint and then complete the activity sheet.  Today's lesson is about solving division word problems.



Follow the PowerPoint and then finish writing their story.  Your child could then practise reading their complete story aloud and could even record this to send in if they wish.  Today's warm-up activity is handwriting again.


Use the typing 2Dos practise typing commas, apostrophes, question marks and exclamation marks using the keyboard (note - the apostrophe looks a little strange on the screen as it is quite straight).  The children can also use 2Create a story to type up their Traction Man adventure and add pictures.  All of these activities are set as 2Dos for the children.