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Fri 08.01.21


The children need to use their plans from yesterday to write a thank you letter to Granny, writing as Traction Man.  Your child should use their plan and expand on the notes they made yesterday.

Listen to the full story 'Traction Man is Here'.



On Monday, the children had a go at completing a fast maths addition grid for the first time.  Starting today, they are going to complete a grid daily.  They can have up to 10 minutes for this.  To fill in the grid they must find the number written above and to the side of each box and add these 2 numbers.  On Monday some children 'got' how to complete the grids but some were still needing help to know which numbers to add.  Some children will not complete the whole grid within the 10 minutes which is fine.  As I explained to them on Monday, over time they will get more correct and become quicker.  The first page is an answer sheet which the children can use to complete the grids if they wish.


Today the children are dividing numbers by 5, starting to link division to the associated multiplication fact.  Follow the Powerpoint (they will need something to write on for this) and then complete the worksheet (some children will only complete the first page of the worksheet which is fine and matches what they would do in class).



Login to Purple Mash and find the 2Do 2Calculate.  Use the activity 13: Bar charts to create a bar chart for their science work from Wednesday.  They can further explore 2Calculate if they wish.



Following on from Monday's assembly, this lesson focusses on the Wise Men's visit to Jesus.  Watch the video to recap this story.  Then complete the worksheet, writing an invitation for the Wise Men and considering what they would do if Jesus had been born in Bethlehem today.

English Activity

Story time - Traction Man is Here by Mini Grey

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