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At a time when it is even more important to make sure we wash our hands thoroughly, please complete the following task.

Watch the following film demonstrating how to wash your hands thoroughly. By using paint to demonstrate, it shows the different techniques to make sure you clean every part of your hands with soap to get rid of germs. Unfortunately the film is in a different language! Follow the tasks below to write out a set of instructions for everyone to use to learn how to wash hands carefully.

Task 1 - Think about how each part of your hand should be cleaned.

Task 2 - Read the list of criteria that a set of clear instructions need. (See the icon below)

Task 3 - Write out your instructions in sequence using the checklist to help.

Task 4 - Illustrate your instructions.


You are welcome to email your instructions to the Year 4 email address which should have been emailed to your family.

Instructions Checklist