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Read the next chapter of your story on Purple Mash and complete the task.



Watch the first 40 seconds of The Lighthouse film again (link below) to remind yourself of the setting of the film. Today I would like you to write a paragraph-long setting description to set the scene of the story. I expect you to use expanded noun phrases and adverbs and adverbial phrases to make your writing more interesting. You may like to describe what can be seen and heard in the film and possibly how an onlooker might feel in the setting. Try to use descriptions that show rather than tell what is going on as you did in your RE writing on Monday. 

eg - 'a raucous cheer erupted from the crowd beyond the pane' rather than 'the noisy people cheered through the window'.


For an extra challenge try to include a fronted adverbial (using the adverbial at the start of the sentences to describe where, when or how the verb happens)

I have included a setting description checklist to help you and some word mats to describe settings, feelings and characters.