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Computing at St Anne's

Pupil views of Computing at St Anne's

What do our pupils think about computing at St Anne's?

Pupils from each class were invited to shared their views on computing at St Anne's through pupil voice discussions in February 2022 and this is what they told us!

-  100% of children said that they enjoyed their computing lessons.

-  Pupils felt that lessons were helping them prepare for the future learning and jobs.

-  Pupils said they were able to use their skills to help with research and presentation tasks in       other subjects.

-  Pupils said they enjoyed using Century Tech and TTRS to support their learning.

-  Pupils said that teachers helped them with their computing learning through useful                   demonstrations, one to one help and showing them new ways to tackle problems.


What improvements do the pupils want to see in computing at St Anne's?

We will be revisiting these as a staff and move towards providing these further opportunities for the children.

- Pupils have asked if we can provide PowerPoints from lessons to help them revisit learning at home and practice skills.

-Pupils have asked to have more opportunities to use the Computing to support learning in other subject areas.