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Class 6

English - Wednesday 20th May - Share your success criteria and draft paragraph 1.


Quick task - Can you spot each of your differences?
Task 1 - Follow the link and complete the reading task a life underwater.
Task 2 - Click on the link performers give their reaction to  - share their responses in task one of the activity sheet
Task 3 - Re read the Wagoll and then read the David Beckham auto document and identify any sentences or uses of vocabulary that you could apply in your own.
Task 4 - Begin drafting your first paragraph.

Extension share your opening paragraph on the stream.

Maths - Thursday 21st May - Circles


Quick task - share any facts that you know about circles
Task 1 - Follow the link and complete the arithmetic questions
Task 2 - Read through the circles power point and using your study guide try and answer the shape questions
Task 3 - Complete the circles riddle challenge - if you have a compass you can have a go at the circles task.
Task 4 - Open the white Rose Circles task and answer the questions .
Extension - Complete the reasoning questions and move on to answering the challenge questions from this week that you have yet to answers.

English - Thursday 21st May - Spag task and draft paragraph 2 and 3.


Task 1 - Follow the link and complete the spelling and grammar questions, ensure you have your English revision guide next to you.
Task 2 - Re read your plan and then re read the wagoll and discuss on the meet what was included in this section of the text. Identify how the anxious and excited atmosphere is continued and developed, please share the features on the stream.
Task 3 - Draft your own paragraph 2 and 3.
Extension - please read aloud to somebody at home and edit paragraph 2 - use the editing station materials to help you.

Please share your paragraph 2 and 3 on the stream.

Maths - Friday 22nd May - Arithmetic challenge and History quiz.


Task 1 - Complete the arithmetic challenge and share your answers on the assignment - you can either complete the core or the extension task.
As promised if you are able to access the meet we will work in groups and we will complete some of your History quizzes. Please have a piece of paper to record your answers.
If you are unable to access the meet - please access  further reasoning paper from your blue pack or have a go at completing your quiz with your family at home.

Please share your arithmetic and reasoning paper results on the assignment.

English - Friday 22nd May - Edit improve and publish your description.


Task 1 - Please re read the wagoll and then continue to complete the third and final paragraph, if completed please go through and edit and then read alongside the wagoll and the David Beckham Auto task. Please ensure you have included all aspect of the success criteria and specifically the excited and anxious atmosphere and the range of punctuation.

Task 2 - Please return to the meet and for those people who have completed their fact file about their chosen Britain, I would like you to share your work. We can all then learn more about Great Britain's.

If you are unable to meet please use the editing station to improve your work and then read independently for at least 20 minutes.

Science - Friday 22nd May - Adaptation


Task 1 - Please follow the link to BBC Bite Size -  What is Adaptation? - watch the short video clip and then complete the fill the gaps activity and quiz.
Task 2 - Please read through the attached power point and then complete the Activity Match up by matching the pictures to the description.

Task 3 - As part of film Friday please watch the following documentary and complete the Task 3 table- creating your own adaptive traits table. 
Natural World
2008-2009: 12. Snow Monkeys
Please identify the living things that live here, the habitat and the animals adaptive traits.

Geography Task - Compare the Physical and Human Geography of Japan and the UK.


Geography – 2 Week Task
Research and compare the human and physical geography of two regions -  Japan with that of the UK.

Choose a way to present your work.

Task 1 - Read through the power point until you reach the task slide.
Then consider how you will compare the two regions.
Mrs Ridge has allowed you to explore how to complete this.
Please take time to plan and think about how to organise your project -  this can be in the format of your choice.

Use the remember to include section as a guide to ensure that you include all the key information.

The Olympic task will be set separately next week