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We hope that you had an enjoyable and restful half term. We would like to thank you for your support throughout this very difficult time. Following the Governments announcement that some School Years are able to return to School we are pleased to be able to welcome Year 6 back into School. Please ensure that you follow all the necessary guidance set out in the School risk assessments and in any further correspondence that has been sent to you. Please ensure that you regulalry check the School app for any updates. Thank you for your ongoing support.


We will also be posting weekly overviews below so that you can stay up to date with Learning that is taking place.



Leavers Video

Year 6 throughout the next week will begin to draft, edit and improve their individual leavers speech. We aim to video each child where permission is granted and we will put them together within a video. We have sent messages out this evening to ask for photographs to be brought in. They can be of their first days in reception and then any other photographs to add to the video.


In class today we have been sharing our memories from within school, as a guide to creating the  speech we have attached a powerpoint document with the key areas to include.


Please once complete email into school this can either be sent to the school office address or directly to the year 6 email address.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Leavers Video

We are pleased to announce that the Video has now been completed and we have uploaded the video to the Year 6 Google classroom. Please ensure that you do not download or post on any other social media. We have placed it here so that Year 6 Children and their parents are able to access the video safely. We hope you enjoy the video.


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the video and for Mrs Ward for working tirelessley to put it all together.




Leavers speech support resources.

Summer Term 1 2020


Welcome back to the Summer Term I hope you have a had a very restful, safe and enjoyable Easter and hope you are raring to go with  our online learning. Year 6 will continue to use the Google classroom - please follow the link below for an overview of the learning that will be completed.


The timetable for the week ahead will also been included and outlines the tasks for the morning and afternoon in the event of being unable to access the Google classroom.


Please ensure that children are able to access the PE lesson with Joe Wicks from 9.00am and that they are then accessing the live stream for the first session from 9.30 until 10.30am. Please note a register will be taken to confirm childrens attendance. The second session will run from 11.00 until 12.00.


In the afternoon a range of learning opportunities have been set - please ensure access is also made to timetable roackstars, purple mash and children's individual learning packs where tasks are completed.


Thank you for your ongoing support.



Children who are unable to access Google Classroom.


It has come to light that in some instances being able to access the Google Classroom is proving difficult. To maintain the link with the class tasks, I will provide an overview and links to the morning work here to ensure work can be completed. In the event of having any issues or concerns please use the Year 6 email address The afternoon work can be identified from the weekly plan and the assignments will be uploaded onto the google classroom.


Thank you for your continued support, it is greatly appreciated.

Maths - Thursday 14th May - Find the Mean


Quick task - Play on TT Rock stars for 5 minutes.
Task 1 - Follow the link and complete the arithmetic  questions.
Task 2 - Read through the power point and then have a go at the finding the mean task.
Task 3 - Move onto the white rose questions.
Task 1 - Complete the mean cricket runs score challenge.
Task 2 - Read through the power point and then have a go at the reasoning questions

Can you write your own mean average question and post on the stream.

English - Thursday 14th May - SPAG and paragraph 2 and 3.


Quick task - find as many synonyms for the word Happy - post on the stream.
Task 1 - Follow the link to the spag task below - have your study guide with you and recap modal verbs and verb tenses to help you.
Task 2 - Follow the link to Newsround and locate and read a further positive news report - e.g. Captain Tom receives freedom of the city award - explore the writers sentence construction and how they have used bold writing and pictures and captions - magpie any good ideas to transfer into your own writing.
Task 3 - Return to the meet and discuss the article that you have read - we will share some of your work completed so far.
Task 4 - Edit your work from yesterday and then move onto paragraphs 2 and 3.
Extension - Share your paragraphs on the feed.

Please use the resources attached to Wednesdays lesson to help you.

Maths - Friday 15th May - Arithmetic Challenge and a reasoning paper.


Quick task - log onto TT Rockstars and continue to develop the speed and fluency of your times tables (5 minutes)
Task 1 - Complete the Arithmetic challenge attached below - please open a google document and write the score and save.- please complete the extension task for a greater challenge.
Task 2 - Complete a reasoning paper from your blue pack - go through and mark once completed and then add the score to the document above.

For a further challenge related to the mean please have a go at the reasoning questions below.

English - Friday 15th May - Edit and improve and upstage.


Task 1 - Follow the link below and complete the SPAG questions - please use your study guide to help.
Task 2 - Return to the meet and share your news report completed so far.
Task 3 - Recap the success criteria for a news report both the standard and the GDS and identify any areas to develop.
Task 4 - Edit and check the formality of your writing and make any changes.
Task 5 - Edit the punctuation including use of capital letters, commas, brackets and inverted commas.
Task 6 - Ensure you have used vocabulary and sentence construction for impact.
Task 7 - Please continue to complete your news report.

Extension - Share your closing paragraph on the stream.

If completed please upload onto the assignment on the classroom.

Maths - Monday 18th May - Can I find the Mode and the range.



Follow the link below to the St Anne's Collective worship page and read Wednesdays word dated the 13th May and then open the video for Sundays 17th May Gospel and watch.


Quick task using your study guide research the definition of Mode and range and explain how to find them - share on the stream.
Task 1 - Log on and complete 5 minutes of TT Rockstars - we all need to work together and do our bit. 
Task 2 - Follow the link and complete the arithmetic questions.
Task 3 - Read through todays power point and then have a go at the matching pairs task. Remember to have your study guide with you.
Extension - Write your own mode and range question and post on the stream
Task 4 - Complete the attached reasoning questions.

Continue to take part in TT Rockstars to help with our battle against year 5.

English - Monday 18th May - Reading and a time when you felt nervous.


Quick task - On the stream identify a time when you felt nervous -
Next quick task - write down as many words as you can to describe how you felt.
Task 1 - Follow the link and complete the reading task - This is a personal account of somebody's interest you will adapt this into your own work today.
Task 2 - Return to the meet and share your positive news reports - we will complete 4 - 5 a day.
Task 3 - Research and find a range of words to describe emotions you can use some of the words that you used earlier - consider synonyms for happy, excited, nervous, scared. List them in your book - you will need these for your writing this week. Complete on the attached google document or in your books.
Task 4 - I would like you to read the WAGOLL and then using the same style describe a time when you were nervous - this could be before performing on stage - Before playing a cup final - Making a speech, meeting a famous person, first day in a new class....... 
Extension - Speak to a parent of a sibling and ask them to describe a time when they felt nervous how does it compare with yours.

Maths - Tuesday 19th May - Find the median


Quick task - Share your shoe size on the stream and I will collate them - can you recap yesterdays learning and calculate the range and the mode.
Quick task 2 - Find a definition for the median average.
Task 1 - Follow the link and complete the arithmetic questions
Task 2 - Read through the power point and complete the median average task.
Extension - Work through the range of statistics questions

Have go at writing your own median word problem.

English - Tuesday 19th May - Reading - Identify the features of a description.


Task 1 - Follow the link and complete the reading task - remember to read as a writer and consider how to transfer aspects of the writing into your own.
Task 2 - Read through the wagoll and identify the key features - Can create your own success criteria.
Please share on the stream - complete the Tuesday task.
Task 3 - Using the opening ceremony to the London 2012 Olympics - consider how your chosen famous Britain felt before going on stage - Create a three paragraph plan to identify how they felt. I have attached the link for the ceremony and to help your writing find the section where they took part and consider how they felt before, during and after their performance/ contribution and try to include how they felt about the whole ceremony.
Extension - Write your before paragraph - Share on the stream

Those who can meet we will meet and we will share any news reports that you have completed - it will be great to share positive news stories

Maths - Wednesday - 20th May - Statistics fun.


Quick task 1 - Find a definition and share on the stream for the following terms
Qualitative data, Quantitative data, discrete data, continuous data, primary data, secondary data.
Quick task 2 - Share your age in years and months on the stream
Your first challenge will be to calculate the range of the data - then the mode - then the median and finally the mean.
Task 1 - Follow the link and complete the Arithmetic questions.
Task 2 - Open the power point quiz - If you can meet we will complete on the meet or complete independently if you struggle to meet - Write your answers in a book 
Task 3 - Complete Lucy's Lovely ladies wear challenge - remember to have your study guide with you or follow the link below to recap the range, mode, mean and median.

Task 4 - Complete the murder mystery challenge.

Extension: Follow the link and complete the reasoning questions.

English - Wednesday 20th May - Share your success criteria and draft paragraph 1.


Quick task - Can you spot each of your differences?
Task 1 - Follow the link and complete the reading task a life underwater.
Task 2 - Click on the link performers give their reaction to  - share their responses in task one of the activity sheet
Task 3 - Re read the Wagoll and then read the David Beckham auto document and identify any sentences or uses of vocabulary that you could apply in your own.
Task 4 - Begin drafting your first paragraph.

Extension share your opening paragraph on the stream.

Maths - Thursday 21st May - Circles


Quick task - share any facts that you know about circles
Task 1 - Follow the link and complete the arithmetic questions
Task 2 - Read through the circles power point and using your study guide try and answer the shape questions
Task 3 - Complete the circles riddle challenge - if you have a compass you can have a go at the circles task.
Task 4 - Open the white Rose Circles task and answer the questions .
Extension - Complete the reasoning questions and move on to answering the challenge questions from this week that you have yet to answers.

English - Thursday 21st May - Spag task and draft paragraph 2 and 3.


Task 1 - Follow the link and complete the spelling and grammar questions, ensure you have your English revision guide next to you.
Task 2 - Re read your plan and then re read the wagoll and discuss on the meet what was included in this section of the text. Identify how the anxious and excited atmosphere is continued and developed, please share the features on the stream.
Task 3 - Draft your own paragraph 2 and 3.
Extension - please read aloud to somebody at home and edit paragraph 2 - use the editing station materials to help you.

Please share your paragraph 2 and 3 on the stream.

Maths - Friday 22nd May - Arithmetic challenge and History quiz.


Task 1 - Complete the arithmetic challenge and share your answers on the assignment - you can either complete the core or the extension task.
As promised if you are able to access the meet we will work in groups and we will complete some of your History quizzes. Please have a piece of paper to record your answers.
If you are unable to access the meet - please access  further reasoning paper from your blue pack or have a go at completing your quiz with your family at home.

Please share your arithmetic and reasoning paper results on the assignment.

English - Friday 22nd May - Edit improve and publish your description.


Task 1 - Please re read the wagoll and then continue to complete the third and final paragraph, if completed please go through and edit and then read alongside the wagoll and the David Beckham Auto task. Please ensure you have included all aspect of the success criteria and specifically the excited and anxious atmosphere and the range of punctuation.

Task 2 - Please return to the meet and for those people who have completed their fact file about their chosen Britain, I would like you to share your work. We can all then learn more about Great Britain's.

If you are unable to meet please use the editing station to improve your work and then read independently for at least 20 minutes.

Science - Friday 22nd May - Adaptation


Task 1 - Please follow the link to BBC Bite Size -  What is Adaptation? - watch the short video clip and then complete the fill the gaps activity and quiz.
Task 2 - Please read through the attached power point and then complete the Activity Match up by matching the pictures to the description.

Task 3 - As part of film Friday please watch the following documentary and complete the Task 3 table- creating your own adaptive traits table. 
Natural World
2008-2009: 12. Snow Monkeys
Please identify the living things that live here, the habitat and the animals adaptive traits.

Geography Task - Compare the Physical and Human Geography of Japan and the UK.


Geography – 2 Week Task
Research and compare the human and physical geography of two regions -  Japan with that of the UK.

Choose a way to present your work.

Task 1 - Read through the power point until you reach the task slide.
Then consider how you will compare the two regions.
Mrs Ridge has allowed you to explore how to complete this.
Please take time to plan and think about how to organise your project -  this can be in the format of your choice.

Use the remember to include section as a guide to ensure that you include all the key information.

The Olympic task will be set separately next week