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Class 6

Week Beginning 24th March 2020.


Please follow the link below for this week and next weeks home learning. As the Google classroom  comes online we will update you accordingly.


We hope you stay safe at home and follow the necessary guidelines outlined by the Government.


Thank you for your ongoing support.


Week beginning 30th March 2020


Year 6 will continued to use the Google classroom - please follow the link below for an overview of the learning that will be completed.


The timetable for the week ahead has also been included.


Please ensure that children are able to access the PE lesson with Joe Wicks from 9.00am and that they are then accessing the live stream for the first session from 9.30 until 10.30am. Please note a register will be taken to confirm childrens attendance. The second session will run from 11.00 until 12.00.


In the afternoon a range of learning opprtunities have been set - please ensure access is also made to purple mash where tasks are completed.


Thank you for your ongoing support.



Week 2 timetable

Children who are unable to access Google Classroom.


It has come to light that in some instances being able to access the Google Classroom is proving difficult. To maintain the link with the class tasks, I will provide an overview and links to the work here to ensure work can be completed. In the evnet of having any issues or concerns please use the Year 6 email address.


Thank you for your continued support, it is greatly appreciated.

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Maths -  White Rose Home learning link - Lesson 3 Measure with a protractor. (Use the protractor that was sent home in your blue packs)

Task 1 - Complete the initial get started artithmetic questions recapping on areas of learning we have already covered.


Task 2 - Follow the link to whiterose and follow the video to support your learning. Please have access to your revision guide. Complete the task - this can be printed out or completed in your red maths books.


Extension Task 3 - Complete the reasoning questions relating to todays learning - follow the link.


Further challenge - complete a problem of the day challenge you haven't completed yet.


Once completed you are able to access TT Rockstars and Purple Mash.

English  - Spooky setting and character description.

Task 1 - Re read the wagoll and focus on the detail of the descriptions and how the writer builds the image of the forest and creates the mystery surrounding it. Use this structure to build the detail of your own setting - either the into the mist description or for a different setting you described. If completed please edit and improve to ensure it has maximum impact.
Return to the live feed and we will share some of our paragraphs.
Task 2 - Complete the Scary character description - read the example and fill in the table - then think of your own character - this can be the girl in the fog or it could be the character that she is running from. 
Task 3 - Using your notes write your own scary character description -  consider from the point before the girl enters the lake - this could be what she is seeking solace from.
Extension - Task 4 - If completed please share on the feed and create plan for your own short narrative based on the Wagoll - remember you only need to plan as far as the possible cliffhanger.

Maths - Thursday 2nd April 2020


Task 1 - Challenge to locate as many obtuse angles in 3 minutes around the house - share your list on here.
Task 2 - Complete the arithmetic questions - HIMINES link
Task 3 -  Follow the link to White Rose lesson 4 Introduce Angles.
Task 4 - Angles reasoning questions OUBADEP

English - Thursday 2nd April 2020


Task 1 - Complete the upstaging sentence task - ensure you complete each step as you can apply this approach into your own writing - write in your books - select the sentence and adapt to your character if you need to recap relative or subordinate clauses use the conjunctions and relative pronoun information to help you. The revision power points will hep to recap each type of clause.
Task 2 - recap your character information from yesterday - write a paragraph to describe your character. Ensure you use a range of sentences including a similar structure to task 1. Once complete we will share on the stream.
Task 3 - go back to the into the mist pobble picture stimulus - plan your own narrative up to the point of the cliffhanger. Follow a similar structure to the Wagoll - Set out - beginning      Initial problem – Build up     Further problem – Dilemma/cliffhanger. A planning doc to help structure your plan is attached.

Extension - once planned - watch the power point on building tension - make notes on the key elements on building tension - you are then ready to begin writing.