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Autumn Vehicle

For our Autumn curriculum vehicle we are looking at 'Wonderfrul Weather'. Over the term, we will be identifying seasonal changes and daily weather patterns in Stafford. This will allow us to gather enough information to present our very own weather report to communicate our predictions. 

Week 1

This week, we have learnt about the changes in the appearance of trees throughout the different seasons. We have created some beautiful pictures showing Autumn leaves.

Week 2

This week, we have learnt about the history of the Met office and weather forecasting, as well as old myths of weather wisdom. We have learnt about sun dials and have created our own!


We have also selected our favourite poem from 'Out and About' by Shirley Hughes and have carried out some fantastic poetry performances.


Week 3

We have started to notice the leaves changing colour and have created some Autumn nature bracelets.

Week 4

We have designed our own seasons wheel to represent our favourite seasonal events.


In English, we have started reading 'A necklace of Raindrops' to link in with our 'Wonderful Weather' theme. We have learnt to write letters in character and have created a story map.  

Week 5

This week, we have learnt how to weave paper and have made some Harvest baskets. We then filled them with pictures of our favourite fruit and vegetables. 

In science we made wind spirals and wind socks to test the wind speed and direction.

Week 6

We now know who established the Met Office and invented the weather forecast.


In science, we created a pictogram to represent the number of hours of daylight on days in the middle of each season. This way, we could easily compare them.


Week 7

We have learnt about the significant changes in seaside holidays over time.


We are starting to see some fantastic projects. Well done!


Week 8

We have learnt about the history of flight and the Wright Brothers in our history lesson.


Here is our fantastic artwork showing the contrast between Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.


Week 9

We have been learning about Victorian summer holidays and some of the popular forms of entertainment that used to take place. Here are some photos from our very own Punch and Judy show.


Here are some more of our fantastic 'Seasonal Changes' projects