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Autumn Vehicle

Week 7

This week, the children have been using their homemade instruments to make music. We have also begun to learn a dance in preparation for a special event. After such a busy first half term, it's time for a good rest before another fun packed and busy half term.

Week 6

This week we were joined by Hilary Hampton from Veolia using Google Meets. Although she wasn't able to join us in person, she was able to tell us all about how Veolia use household waste to power the whole of Cannock with electricity and mend the M6 instead of sending rubbish to landfill sites. Definitely the way to be more environmentally friendly!

Week 5

After exploring the purpose and function of greenhouses in our last DT lesson, this week we have been investigating the structure of a greenhouse. We have been exploring the best way to strengthen a model greenhouse using straws, wooden dowelling or cardboard.

Week 4

In our geography work this week we have been investigating the different layers of the rain forest. We have been exploring the animals found in the emergent, canopy, understorey and forest floor layers of the forest. 

Week 3

This week we have been exploring who was buried at Sutton Hoo. Having used the clues that were buried under the mound we believe it was a...

Week 2

We have been learning about the climate of the rain forest. The temperature is similar throughout the year and the rainfall isvery different to the UK.

We have also been for a walk around the school looking at microhabitats.

Week 1 - We went for a trip to the Amazon Rain Forest... virtually!