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Autumn Vehicle

Welcome to our Autumn Term vehicle. We have lots of exciting activities and learning planned to help us understand why and how we need to make an electric vehicle.



Week 1

To launch our vehicle, Malcolm Carroll from the organisation Greenpeace came to visit us to tell us about the impact motorised vehicles have had on our environment.

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Week 2

We conducted an experiment to see the effects of global warming. We set up two thermometers in the sunshine. One was left in the open air and the other was placed under a glass jar. Both thermometers started showing the same temperature. After half an hour the thermometer under the glass jar was showing a far higher temperature.

Week 3

In geography we looked how the water cycle works. Mrs Hampton set up an demonstration to show the cycle of evaporation, condensation, precipitation and run off.

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Week 4

In science this week, we explored how changes to an environment can cause danger to living things. We researched the effects of deforestation, climate change, urbanisation and intensive farming on living things.

Week 5

We have been discovering how environmentally friendly the Vikings were when they built their longhouses. We have made our own viking longhouses too. Can you see the fir in the middle of the house, and the space at the end for the animals?