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Autumn Vehicle


After a succesful transition day during Year 5, children in class expressed how they were inspired by and enjoyed to cycle, many children shared their positive experinces whilst cycling. This conversation proved to be the the key inspiration for our Vehicle. Children will be challenged to create their very own cycle brand, including designing and creating a bicycle, jersey and helmet for their brand. The final challenge will require them to pitch thier product to a set of judges, sharing their designs and advertisements for their product.


Children will also undertake a 6 week Go ride cycling programme, developing their skills and abilities to be able to join a local cycling club. During Geography children will explore what it takes to organise and design a cycling Sportive and identify local features in and around Stafford. They will also make comparisons with events in Europe and America and explore the similarities and differences of the physical features in these countries. During History children will explore the chronology of transport and how bicycles have changed throughout History. They will also delve deeper into British Society and History, when different bicycles were created. 


As a class we will welcome external speakers to share their experiences of cycling and how they have become involved in the cycling industry. Children will also consider ways that they can use cycling as a vehicle to help raise funds for our MAC charity Marys meals 20:20. During the first half term we will be visiting Condover Hall an outdoor education centre, where we will develop our team work and problem solving skills as well as embracing a growth mindset. These skills will be transferred into their learning journey throughout the vehicle. To support their development and relfect upon their progress, children will become familiar with metacognition and will reflect before, during and after their experiences; considering what they currently know? What they need to learn?  What has gone well and what they can improve upon? They will also consider how they will be able to apply their learning in other situations.


We will update this page throughout the Journey of the Vehicle.


Give our cycling route around Stafford this half term- if you dare!

Autumn 2: 

Year 6 have settled back in to school life really well. 


On Monday, the children completed their "Go Ride" sessions. They greatly enjoyed their

cycling experience, and the Year 6 team are really proud of their enthusiasm!




The children have completed some standardised tests this week, which they approached with

an amazing 'Growth Mindset'. 


On Wednesday, the children wrote some fantastic diary entries from the perspective of either, a 

journalist, a spectator, or a competitor from the first ever Tour de France in 1903. 


In science, we were investigating how the digestive system works, the children enjoyed

the practical demonstration  of this. 




Well done to Eoin for his fantastic effort on the homework project!


The children have been working really hard this week,

The focus on the learning was fantastic and the children really enjoyed working out the average temperatures of cycling races across the globe. 


The children have been learning about common multiples and factors in maths, we have been answering SATs questions to practice reasoning skills. 


In English, we have been studying the Highwayman- analysing it and studying the language of the poem. 


The children have continued to enjoy locating global bike races and we have moved the learning forward by finding the coordinates of longitudinal and latitudinal lines on a map. 


In History, we have been finding out the reasons for the Tour de France cancellations during 1939-1947. We have been using sources to find information about the build up to WW11. The children created a very impressive timeline with the information which they have found!