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Autumn Term

Autumn 1: This half term pupils will be chosen for being grateful and generous. 


Congratulations to Isabelle for always showing her gratitude in class.

Well done to Dev for always showing gratitude in class.




Congratulations to Archie for always showing his gratitude in class.

Congratulations to Mia for being generous and helping others.



Well done to Harry for being generous in his attitude towards others.

Well done to Jessica for always showing her gratitude in class. 



Well done to Julia for always being generous by offering to help.

Congratulations to Donte for showing generosity during our conversations about Little Way Week.



Well done to Lucy for always showing gratitude.

Well done to Lakshana for always being generous and helping others. 


Autumn 2: This half term pupils will be chosen for being attentive and discerning.


Well done to Roland for being attentive in all lessons and giving lots of super answers.

Congratulations to Isabella V for being attentive and answering lots of questions this week.



Well done to Imogen B for always being attentive and discerning by listening carefully and making good decisions.

Well done to Naomi for being attentive and discerning and giving lots of super answers this week. 



Well done to Jacob for being attentive and giving lots of good answers last week.

Congratulations to Joyce for being attentive in lessons and making discerning choices.