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Autumn Term Vehicle

Week 1:

On Thursday we had a great trip to Cannock Chase, I was very proud of how the class conducted themselves so early on in the school year.  This trip has kick started our learning vehicle for the Autumn Term.  The children will be finding out lots more about Cannock Chase and creating a wonderful magazine aimed at pupils their age who want to visit Cannock Chase.


Week 2:

In geography we looked at map symbols.  We want to learn more about reading maps and take part in some orienteering around school to help us find out about this sport as we know you can do orienteering when you visit Cannock Chase.


Week 3:

In science we went for a walk around school naming plants.  We also did this during our trip to Cannock Chase so we can now compare our findings.

In history we learnt about the life and work of Charles Darwin and why he is remembered as a famous naturalist. 


Week 4:

In geography we compared aerial photographs of Cannock Chase and the area around school.

In science we compared the plants we found around school last week to those we found on Cannock Chase on our trip.  We thought about why some of the plants we found on Cannock Chase aren't found around school.  E.g. pine trees.


Week 5:

In history we compared the lives of Charles Darwin and David Attenborough and looked at when significant events in both their lives happened using a timeline.

In science we learnt about minibeasts and their habitats.


Week 6:

In geography we made our own maps of the KS1 playground and KS1 part of the building.

In science we learnt about different habitats and the plants and animals which live in these.  E.g. desert habitat, pond habitat, ocean habitat.