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Autumn Term Vehicle

The curriculum Vehicle in Year 6 this term is:

The Children's Challenge:



To work as a team to research a range of careers and job roles. The end outcome will involve children creating a video of the varied and exciting roles that are available to them.


To help with research children will be asked to interveiw people in the local community and people in different countries to explore their Job roles and their experiences and what steps they need to complete to enable them to reach this role.


We will learn from the best of the best and look at the difficulties that people went through to reach their moon, during very difficult times.In English we will be reading Hidden figures and we will learn more about what early computing looked like and the people who helped to launch America into space. In Science we will learn about amazing scientists. In History we will explore the History of Lesiure and entertainment and consider how jobs have changed over the years, in Geography we will explore the amazing America's in linking to our fabulous text. In Art we will be learnign more about North American artists and we will complete our work in their styles. In DT we will be thinking like architects and planners and we will be creating our very own sustainable city plan.


Children will be encouraged to reach for the moon and consider all the possible options available to them.