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Autumn Term Vehicle

Week 1


This week we listened to The Beatles and Elvis Presley, learnt some of the things that were different in the 1960s compared to today and found out that we will be performing in our very own Sixties music concert!


Week 2


This week we have planted sunflower seeds in the school prayer garden in our very own show of Flower Power!


Week 3


The children have enjoyed learning about Neil Armstrong being the first man to land on the Moon in Science, listening to the Beatles in Music and starting to create pop art portraits in Art.


Week 4


This week we learnt about different parts of plants in Science, started to sing "Yellow Submarine" in Music and finished our brilliant pop art portraits in Art! 



Week 5


This week we placed different key events from the 1960s on the timelines we created in our history lesson and learnt all about the life cycles of plants.


Week 6


This week we have enjoyed learning to play along to "Yellow Submarine" with instruments in our music lesson with Mrs Hampton!



Week 7


This week we went outside to see how many different trees we could identify in the school grounds, we had great fun using our identification sheets to find out where different leaves had come from!



We were also given a big treat when Pippa brought in an authentic record of "Yellow Submarine" to show the class all the way from the 1960s!



Week 8


This week we have learnt the names of lots of common flowers in Science, practised our tracing when making pop art pictures of Neil Armstrong and Marilyn Monroe in Art, and compared life in the 1960s to today in History!

Rebecca showed us her homework project where she has been investigating flower power!


Week 9


At the start of this week we have applied our learning from previous lessons to labelling a number of real flowering plants - some looked more surprising than others!



We took part in a 1960s drama workshop when Kit Henson visited our class, acting out the moon landing, watching England win the World Cup in 1966 and lots of sixties dancing!



Week 10


This week we have learnt about the Beatles' hometown of Liverpool in our Geography lesson, made artwork using primary and secondary colours in Art and looked at flowering and non-flowering plants through the different seasons in Science!



We also loved looking at Ava's homework project where she showed us the artwork she had made and even pictures of Stafford and her nanny and granddad in the 1960s! 


Week 11


This week we went on a trip to the Gatehouse for a behind the scenes tour, where we learnt all about set and costume design, vocal warm-ups, lighting and props in preparation for our 1960s music concert!