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Autumn Curriculum Vehicle

Throughout the autumn term, children in year 3 will be taught their foundation subjects through a 'Bake Off' curriculum vehicle.


During this vehicle, children will be exploring:

- Food, nutrition and plants in science

- Fair trade, map work, countries in Europe and exploring physical and human features in geography

- Local history and the history of food including the Romans, Tudors and Vikings

- Internet safety, presentation skills, typing and using Microsoft Word in computing

- Food technology

- Pop art, patterns, lines and colour theory

- Performance music

- Spanish language, including greetings and food


On Thursday 19th December we took part in our Bake Off Competition! 

Check out the photographs below to see who was presented with star baker medals!

We sold our cakes after school to raise funds for Mary's Meals, we managed to raise £54.20, thank you to everybody who donated!

Week 1 - Discovering the history of baking

Week 2 - Practising greetings in Spanish

Week 3 - Food groups and science investigation about sugar in drinks

Week 4 - Make and evaluate my own pizza

Week 5 - Mapping the origin of foods and discussing food miles

Week 6 - Understanding Fairtrade

Week 7 - Designing their own cakes

Week 8 - Musical performance of 'I am Pizza'

Week 9 - Cupcake Decorating Masterclass

Week 10 - Oil pastels art work

Week 11 - Using instruments to make music

Week 12 - Learning about food in Spanish

Week 13 - Life cycle of a flowering plant

Week 14 - The importance of bees