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31st March

31st March 2020


Please continue to practise the school prayers sent home with your pack.


Fun with Phonics

Practise Rhyme

Go to Cbeebies - sing along to favourite nursery rhymes with Cbeebies

Ask your child to listen for the rhyming words.

Can your child tell you any other words that rhyme?


Rhyming Power Point Activity

Share the Rhyming Word Power Point below, with your child. Encourage them to tell you which of the words rhyme as you work through the power point.

(When downloaded, click on the tab within the top bar saying 'slideshow'. Then go to the left hand side of this bar and click on 'From beginning'.)




 Have more fun with this interactive game about the language of position. You will need:

a beanbag or a small soft toy and the power point. Sing the song to the tune of

'If You're Happy and You Know It'.

P.E.    -   Sing and Dance

Sing and dance along to these froggy songs. Can you hop around like a frog too?

Frog dance

 Five Green Speckled Frogs