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30th March


Please continue to practise the school prayers sent home with your pack.

Fun with Phonics

Practise Rhyme

Go to Cbeebies - sing along to favourite nursery rhymes with Cbeebies

Ask your child to listen for the rhyming words.

Can your child tell you any other words that rhyme?


s a t p

Practise these sounds regularly using your flash cards and thinking of things that begin with each sound. Finding things around the house beginning with these sounds and practise forming the letter shapes using lots of different resources (write the letter shapes on a tray or flat surface in sand/sugar/salt. Make the letters out of play dough, pastry, salt dough.

I i

Look at this letter. The letter (i). Think of things, with your child, beginning with (i) e.g. ink, iguana, igloo, India, insect, ice-cream etc. Cut out and stick or draw pictures of things beginning with i in your phonics homework book.



The language of position.

Take a look at the power point below with your child. Talk to them about the words we use to describe where something is positioned.

Using a favourite toy or Teddy and a box or basket, encourage your child to place their toy in different positions and ask them to tell you where their toy is (in, on, in front, behind, at the side, next to, by etc).


Understanding the World

The Life Cycle of the Frog.

Share the life cycle power point below with your child and talk to them about all the changes that happen from frogspawn to frog.

Can your child draw or paint a picture of a tadpole and a frog. Perhaps they could make a model of a frog out of construction toys or even empty packets or containers?


P.E.    -   Sing and Dance

Sing and dance along to these froggy songs. Can you hop around like a frog too?

Frog dance

 Five Green Speckled Frogs