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26th March

Fun with Phonics

Make some flash cards with the sounds:     s     a    t    and use these for quick-fire daily practise.

Help your child search for small items in the house, or even better,  get outside in the garden/outdoor space and use those items to try to make the letter shapes. If outside, your child could use twigs, leaves, pebbles etc.

Write the letters sounds on small squares of paper/card and place a letter on outside steps or on each step of your stairway inside (unless you live in a bungalow). Every time your child walks up or down encourage them to shout out the sound on each step they stand on.

Number Fun

Warm up with some number songs/rhymes

Use hand written number cards or magnetic or foam numbers 1 - 10 - hide them around your outdoor garden/area without your child seeing. Go on an number hunt. Either call out a number for your child to find or ask them to find a number and tell you what they have found.

When all the numbers have been found, encourage your child to identify them and put them in ascending order 1 to 10.

Next, ask your child to search for small items from around the area and place the correct amount of items next to the appropriate number.



Outside, in the sunshine if possible. Warm up with musical statues and musical bumps-children to run around or dance to music, when you stop/pause the music, they have to freeze like a statue, next game they have to sit down as quickly as possible (bump).

Then, after warming up, encourage your child to move in a variety of ways. Think of some favourite animals. Play some music and call out an animal name...e.g. can you move around like a tiger? Can you move around like an elephant? Can you move around like a mouse? Talk to your child about how they think each animal would move before they start each time. Then ask them to choose an animal of their own, move like that animal and you try and guess which animal it is.