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Black History Homework Project

Please return all projects by Wednesday 25th October 2023

In celebration of Black History Month we would like the children this week for homework to research and find out more about black people who have shaped the world. 

In Reception we have chosen Manchester United and England footballer, Marcus Rashford, MBE. We have recently celebrated Harvest time in our school, where the children kindly donated food for the St Austin’s Food Bank and we thought this would be a nice discussion point with your child to talk about at home with their families

In recent years, Marcus Rashford has proven that he is much more than a footballer. He has spent his time off the pitch campaigning for causes which have benefited marginalised groups. In 2020, he wrote an open letter to the Government calling on them to end child poverty in the UK. This resulted in a shift in policy regarding the extension of free school meals during summer holidays. His campaigning also led private companies to start providing free meals to children who needed them.

The children can present their research as a picture, poster, article or fact file, with your support. You can show your children a photograph of Marcus Rashford and scribe any comments they make after you have discussed all the good he has done for children and for child poverty in the United Kingdom.

We can’t wait to see your projects!

Mrs Cotterill