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This week in Reception we have been looking and learning about the numbers up to 8. This week we would like your child to complete the Math's sheet on how to make 8 in different ways using 2 different colours. For example 4+4 = 8. 


Making 8 in different ways


In RE homework this week we would like your children to start to think about the important parts of a Baptism. We would like them to join the pictures and the key vocabulary up together.  

Baptism- match up the vocabulary and pictures

This video has been provided so parents can see how the children are using Fred games to help blend and orally say words. You can watch this as a family and then play your own Fred games at home. Where is the

c-a-t? Can you find the d-o-g? 


For children that can already orally blend please practise writing words and listen to the children read their phonics books (only certain children will have these). 


This week I have also sent home where the gaps are on the children's phonic knowledge. The pink dot means they don't know the sounds and needs to learn it. The phrases underneath each pictures reminds the children how to form each letter correctly.