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Welcome back to Reception and Happy New Year to you all. The children have come back brilliantly and have settled back into school life well. This week we are putting the homework on here, so nothing will be stuck in the children's books. 



This week we have been looking at positional language to hide and find items. Please use the video as an example and then create some of your own. You can get the children to create a map of your room and get them to draw what and where the items were hiding. 



This week we have started to look at eggs and what might be inside some of the eggs we are going to learn about. We would like the children to get as create as possible and create their own egg. These can be made using paper mâché, painted, glued, modelling clay etc. I can’t wait to see all their creative creations!  its very eggciting!!!!!! 



This week we are looking at Baptism in RE. If your child has been baptised, can you please show them pictures and items you might have at home, that is connected to their baptism. Can you please send me any pictures and we can share these with the other children in Reception (please ensure your child’s name is clearly stated on the back of these please, so we can safely return them).  
If your child has not been baptised can you please watch the video below to help talk about what happens. 

Introduction to Baptism Year 1 level

A very basic introduction to the symbolism and meaning of Baptism (also popularly called 'Christening'). Aimed at Year 1 students as a teaching aid.